Samurai Riot Definitive Edition Review

Developer: Wako Factory

Platforms: PC, Switch

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: Hound Picked Games, Wako Factory


In 2017 Wako Factory released Samurai Riot; they have just released Samurai Riot Definitive Edition, which is the enhanced version with tons of improvement. This game is a side-scrolling 2D arcade beat ’em up. It’s reminiscent of Final Fight and Streets of Rage in terms of gameplay and action. The game has a Japanese Myth theme. The game supports both single and co-op modes.

The art style is a mystical Japanese landscape littered with samurai, demons and civilians. You can choose between two characters to navigate this lush land. Game mechanics are the ability to use your weapon, kick, jump, block and dash. There isn’t a huge amount of variation in the combat; the ability to use shuriken and grenades adds something to the mix. The combos are limited, but this doesn’t diverge much from how the classic arcade beat ’em ups though. Controls are super easy to get a handle with only a few buttons in play. You will get the hang of them very quickly.


You will encounter a lot of the same enemies throughout the levels. The bosses are cool and provide some different considerations to beat them. The huge bosses make navigating each level worth it; the levels build-up to this point where a huge monster and massive boss with unique attacks will challenge you. You will have to adapt your gameplay to beat them. I love the bosses; it makes the level exploration even more worth it. Button bashing won’t beat them. The game has a local co-op system that allows you to change commands and build up to a special attack too. The levels are navigated both horizontally and vertically.


The game animation supports 60fps; on Steam, I found the gameplay smooth and consistent throughout. The art style and theme made for a slick-looking game. I loved the whole look and feel. The game does offer a few choices in terms of story and the path you take; and which fighting school you pick.


I love old-school 2D arcade-style beat ’em ups. Samurai Riot Definitive Edition does remind me of a whole host of 80s and 90s, such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage. This modern version has beautiful graphics, a story and some unique co-op play too. The game follows a standard side-scrolling smash and bash game type. It’s lots of fun but can be one-dimensional in parts though.

Overall: 8/10

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