Flying Interactive proudly announces RUNRUNRUN, a neo-retro arcade co-op game is available on Steam on October 6th, 2017 for $4.99, €4.99, £3.99.
Developed by Zoglu and published by Flying Interactive, RUNRUNRUN is a team-based local multiplayer game for 1 to 4 players. Break into the safest banks and grab as many gold bars as you can before the timer runs out! Avoid guards, use powerups to your advantage, find the best paths and secrets on every bank and help your RUNning team climb up the world leaderboard!
– For 1 to 4 local co-op players
– Retro fast-paced gameplay mixed with fresh new gameplay mechanics
– Easy to pick up for casual gamers
– Lots of hidden subtle tricks for hardcore gamers
– Combo-driven scoring system with online leaderboards
– 80 rooms to explore, choose the best path across levels to improve scoreRUNRUNRUN 2

The graphics are bright, yet every gameplay element and visual feedback is clearly identifiable for a smooth experience. CRT effects, glows and other visual effects provide a neon retro modern arcade feeling.
The game features an adaptative soundtrack and voice-overs that will pump players up to the end of each level!

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About Zoglu

Zoglu is a one-man studio based in Paris, France and run by Charly Piva, who created multiple retro-inspired freeware games like Scrolling Survivor, jam games like POWERCUT, Inc. and even promotional games for music bands or writers. RUNRUNRUN is his first commercial game and he intends to keep on working on projets with precise, fast-paced gameplay.





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