RuinWorld #4 Review

Writer: Derek Laufman

Artist: Derek Laufman 

Lettering: Warren Montgomery

Cover: Derek Laufman

Publisher: BOOM! Studios/KaBOOM!




Jumping back into the world of Rex, Pogo, Lula, and Kale…it’s always fun and amusing. In this issue, the stakes continue to climb higher, as the threat to Rex’s life soon morphs into the fate of the world. Muahahah!

The sense of nostalgia I get from reading RuinWorld is so cool. It takes me right back to my youth of plopping down to experience Disney’s DuckTales and the Adventures of the Gummi Bears, to name just a few shows. I love the round little characters with the same intensity that I used to love the Chipmunks and Chipettes (back when they were animated of course). The dialogue is funny, the action is packed in every page, and the adventure continues to get even more and more…adventurous.


Opening the pages of RuinWorld instantly transports me to a bright, mystical setting populated by anthropomorphic guys and gals, all trying to make a living in an alternative Medieval Times. I love the art style with its thick outlines, cartoon eyes, and grand gestures. Everything has a very lively and expressive feel to it, which brings a sense of vibrant life to the story.

One thing I don’t think I mentioned in my reviews of the previous issues is the text. Every so often there are words that are emphasized in the word balloons: not just bolded like most comics, but blocked out and colored. Sometimes, I really like this, and sometimes it seems a little much, almost as if there’s an assumption that a child (or adult) would scan the text and so these words would jump out. It’s an interesting choice, and it actually does make the animated feel of this comic more prominent, so it’s not really a problem or anything. Just something I noticed.


Again, there’s nothing not to love, really, about RuinWorld. It’s a simple action adventure, but with tons of personality. Join the fuzzy, courageous crew and come back with some campfire tales of your own to tell.

Overall: 8.5/10


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