Rogue Islands Launches on 12th September for PC

Rogue Islands Launches on 12th September for PC

In Rogue Islands, players must survive by finding food, fuel and materials to craft new magical spells whilst battling with hordes of enemies intent on carving your epitaph. With a game set across seven unique islands brimming with forests, mountains, caves, ruins, creatures and bosses, there is never any let up in this fast-paced first person shooter. Once the player dips inside this rich procedural world – with 120 million possible combinations – the gameplay speaks for itself. Rogue Islands offers so much more than anything previously seen before in the genre in terms of gameplay content.

Navigate your way through punishing terrain but be warned, enemies adapt around you. Novice players will find the game more forgiving but as your skills increase, Rogue Islands’ unique “adaptive AI engine” tracks your progress and skills, modifying the gameplay accordingly. Simply put, the better the player gets at the game, the more the game shapes itself to provide a greater challenge.

Originally developed by Kiaran Ritchie, current principal animator and developer at Bioware – in a four year project with his Wife, Jasmine – Rogue Islands came to Keystone Games in May. Under Keystone, the game has been finalised by five time programmer of the year award winner, Jane Whittaker, with a team of AAA developers. Keystone will also lead the development of future expansion packs and iterations for the game.

With a career stretching from Atari and the programmer of Alien VS Predator, to involvement with Goldeneye N64, Bullfrog titles and an EA stalwart and senior board level advisor to Microsoft games, Whittaker brings deep experience in both FPS and strategy gaming.

Rogue Islands 3

“We are proud to have picked up Rogue Islands, following Kiaran’s return to Bioware”, enthused Jane Whittaker, “Rogue Islands sets new heights in procedural landscape generation and gameplay. It’s a beautifully crafted game, with technology that actually supports gameplay. Each island is effectively hand crafted by the computer, it is not just a fun game, but also a technical masterpiece.”

In addition to the adaptive AI system, a whole new technique of procedural generation has been developed that pushes boundaries.

“There is the opportunity to add considerably more detail to the game worlds than traditional technologies without slowing the game’s fluidity and performance. In essence, we can pump out so many more objects on screen and build worlds of great detail of beauty whilst still maximising performance, even on lower spec PC’s”, said Whittaker.

Players can book their passage to Rogue Islands for £14.99 / $19.99 USD with a worldwide release on PC via Steam, all major download platforms and boxed distribution around the world by Keystone Publishing on 12th September.

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