Robots Vs. Princesses #1 Review

Written by: Todd Matthy

Illustrated by: Nicolas Chapuis

Letters by: Sean Rinehart

Cover by: Nicolas Chapuis

Published by: Dynamite Comics




I really had no idea what to expect from this comic, robots and princesses are an unusual combination, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The story focuses on two main characters. Zara, a rebellious princess, and Wheeler, a robot foot soldier trying to escape a war. It appears that the world that Zara is from, a fantasy world run by magic, and Wheeler’s world, where a constant war wages between two factions of robots, is separated by a large forest. The two worlds of magic and technology are existing side by side and nobody has any idea, so much so that the people of Princesses’ world believe the sound and smoke cause by the robot war is actually caused by dragons.


I enjoyed the art style in this books and felt it was very fitting to the theme while also being unique to more ‘classic’ art styles found in comics. It is very similar to the art style of children’s cartoons, in particular the way the eyes are drawn remind me a lot of Disney movies.

By the end of this comic we see the beginning of these two world’s colliding through the two main characters meeting in the so-called Forbidden Forest. Considering that no one has ventured there before from either worlds, but each world has their own myths surrounding the forest – it begs the question of how long these two worlds have not known the other was there, or, what happened that caused these two worlds to want to remain separate?

My criticism of this comic was that, as an adult reader, it was predictable but I can see how it would be enjoyable if you were younger. My younger self for sure would have loved this. So if you’re looking for a challenging comic this isn’t for you.


Speaking of readership, I think that this is an amazing comic for both young children of all genders, taking two of the most stereotypical ‘boy-thing’ and ‘girl-thing’ and mashing them together could be great for getting more kids into comics.

Overall, I felt that this was a solid first issue. The writing at times can be predictable but the characters and art-style plenty make up for that even from a grown-ups perspective. It will be interesting to see where this one goes.

Overall: 7/10


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