Ripout Review

Developer: Pet Project Games

Platforms: PC (Reviewed)

Genre: FPS, Action, Horror

Publisher: 3D Realms


RIPOUT is a first-person horror shooter game. The game was developed by Pet Project Games and published by 3D Realms. This game is similar to Halo and Gears of Wars but plays on a mission-to-mission basis close to Helldivers. This review was done on the PC.

RIPOUT is a first-person horror shooter game that you can play either by yourself or with friends. A team can be up to 3 players. A feature we did not like so much was the absence of an in-game voice chat option, which sometimes detracted from the overall in-game experience. There were some issues with the game when hosting servers, but it is important to keep in mind that the game is in Early Access. One of the major issues was that after each mission, when being brought back into the main lobby, the other player’s game would always crash, after every single mission, which got really annoying. The host of the game had no issues besides some in-game delays, but players playing with the host seemed to be crashing. We played this game amongst the two of us, as it seems not many people are currently playing the game, so getting a full squad at times can be difficult.


The controls for the game are very straightforward when playing on the PC. As you start off the game, you go through a tutorial which allows you to understand the different mechanics and controls. The only issue I had was there were tiny blue text boxes in the tutorial that would indicate a control, which was very difficult to read. Besides that, when in the game, there are highlighted keys and hints that show up to remind of important controls. The controls all worked quite smoothly, with no noticeable delay.


The visuals of the game are so quite stunning and crisp. There is a realistic yet slightly cartoonish look to the game, which allows for the game to be brought to life. The game features an immersive and atmospheric environment, which is filled with many little details to bring out a horror, decaying effect. The overall atmosphere is eerie, and the monster/mutant-infested species are so well-designed, making them look absolutely horrifying. These species have such a menacing and grotesque appearance, and the gore aspect really sets the abandoned ship setting. The lighting in the game is incorporated really nicely to build upon this chaotic environment. The eeriness builds up with both the visuals and music. The sound effects, from the snarling monsters to rugged footsteps and the mayhem of bullets, really grasp the gameplay. What I also really liked was that when you start the game, there is an animation that sets the scene off the story behind the game. It’s a cartoon comic-like animation which does a great job of encapsulating the story. The narrator has a monotone, robot-like voice, which sets an unsettling mood.


The overall gameplay and aim of the game was extremely fun to play. The main objective is to fight your way through various spaceships that are fully infested whilst carrying out tasks. On these missions, you have the ability to loot for ammo, upgrades, and parts that can be used to upgrade your player. What sets this shooting game aside from other horror shooters is the use of a living Pet Gun. This Pet Gun gives players the ability to RIPOUT enemies, and I found this to be so much fun to use. Each mission is different from the one before, and I enjoy that the difficulty ranges allow for great focus on getting upgrades.


We found that the game was very enjoyable; only certain bugs and errors took away from the long-play gaming, but besides that, it felt like a nice twist on Prey and Halo. We really enjoyed the hub area as it has a lot of different things to mess around with. There is a crafting station, a weapons station, a locker and a few other things that keep players busy in between missions. This addition also kept us interested in wanting to do certain missions again to get more parts to unlock better weapons. We were able to join a game with one other player doing our playthrough and were surprised by his progression and loadout. He was wielding a flamethrower type of gun, and it piqued your interest in grinding more to unlock the range of weapons. I would say that there is a good range to choose from and extra customization so players can choose items to their liking. The game was very fun to play, but we do wish the co-op feature bugs were fixed in the future for smoother gameplay with friends. The game is just as enjoyable when playing by yourself, but we highly recommend the co-op experience.


If you are looking for a horrific atmospheric shooter game where you carry out various missions while gunning down mutant-infested species, then this game is just for you. The game features a unique gun ability with immersive visuals that enhance the gameplay. You can play this game either by yourself or with friends and allows for a great range of weapons to test out. If RIPOUT sounds like a game for you, then be sure to check it out!

Overall: 7/10

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