Return From Core Emerges on Steam Early Access Today

SHANGHAI, China – Dec. 14, 2023 – Return from Core, the subterranean sandbox survival RPG from developer Tanxun Studio and publisher 2P Games, excavates new beginnings on PC via Steam Early Access tonight at 7pm PST.

Tragedy befell the Earth’s surface, forcing civilization to withdraw deep underground near the planet’s core. Scavenge the world below, mine for natural resources, take down monsters, and learn to survive as the last remnants of humanity. Discover a powerful ancient technology and harness its energy to restore mankind and return to the surface.

Dig deeper through the inner core with a trusty pickaxe in one hand and a lantern in the other. Detonate explosives to carve a new path or to defend against tunneling terrors, including slithering sand worms, white wolf spiders, and robotic rodents. Take those hard-won resources to craft new tools, gear, and weapons. Create a customizable base to store essential supplies, build a garden for food and ingredients that can be automated for passive harvesting, and take naps to recover from expeditions.

Cultivate friendships with adorable monster girl companions, humanoid hybrids with powerful abilities and supernatural traits. Gain their favor by learning their distinct personalities and make use of their skills on the quest to the surface. Lilith acts as guide providing useful hints and tips, Cartier is an enigmatic wolf girl with a temper, and Mona is wary of humans with the innate ability of self-healing. Activate their gifts in the form of buffs to help in combat and other endeavors.

“We’ve chiseled what started out as a small idea into a beautifully fun reality with Return From Core,” said Yezhi Huangquan, Producer and Developer, Tanxun Studio. “We look forward to watching players around the world ignite their imaginations with possibilities in the dangerous depths!”

Return from Core is available tonight at 7pm PST on PC via Steam Early Access for $16.99 USD, €16.49 EUR alongside a 15% launch discount until Friday, Jan. 5. Language support includes English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

To learn more about 2P Games, visit their official website, get the latest updates on social media and YouTube, search #ReturnFromCore on social media, and check out Return from Core’s roadmap to see what the team has in store.

About Tanxun Studio
Tanxun Studio is a game developer based in Shanghai, China. After winning a lottery prize, the founders left their previous companies behind to form an indie game development studio based on the ideals of honesty and open communication. Return from Core is the studio’s first title.

About 2P Games
2P Games is a Chinese publisher specializing in simulation, strategy, and Metroidvania games for PC and consoles. Since 2019, they’ve helped bring games like Immortal LifeDust to the EndThe Chrono JotterTime Walker, and others to a global audience.

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