Replay: Memoir of an Uprooted Family Releasing March 19th

In 1941, a ten-year-old boy named Franzi Mechner narrowly escaped Nazi-occupied Europe and settled in North America.

Nearly five decades later, his son Jordan created Prince of Persia for the Apple II.


Renowned game developer Jordan Mechner explores the unexpected links in these and other family stories in Replay: Memoir of an Uprooted Family, an intergenerational graphic novel that traces his family’s journey through war, Nazi occupation, and everyday marital strife.

On March 19, the book comes out in English for $29.99 from Macmillan / First Second Press.

“Replay is a masterclass in narrative structure, expertly weaving multiple timelines, creating an emotional experience that is more powerful than its individual tales. I can’t recommend it enough.” -Neil Druckmann, co-creator of The Last of Us


Jordan Mechner is an American video game designer, graphic novelist and screenwriter, best known as the creator of Prince of Persia, and as a pioneer of cinematic storytelling in the video game industry. His other games include Karateka, The Last Express, and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. He became the first game creator to adapt his own work as a feature film screenwriter with Disney’s Prince of Persia (2010).

Jordan has written graphic novels in collaboration with various illustrators, including the New York Times bestseller Templar, Monte Cristo, and Liberty. Replay: Memoir of an Uprooted Family, his first graphic novel as writer/artist, received the 2023 Chateau de Cheverny prize at Rendez-vous de l’histoire, France’s most important history and book festival. Learn more at:

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