Regular Show: 25 Years Later #1 Review

Writer: Christopher Hastings

Artist: Anna Johnstone

Colors: Joana LaFuente

Letterer: Mike Fiorentino

Cover: JK Phan

Subscription Cover: Cole Closser

Variant Cover: Noelle Stevenson

Publisher: BOOM! Studios/KaBOOM!


One of the saddest moments of my recent life was when I realized that Regular Show cartoon was over. The bizarre and surreal odyssey of a bluejay and a raccoon desbravating their early twenties in the middle of aliens, magical beings, conspiracies and alternate timelines was one of the most inventive shows on Cartoon Network over the past few years, and saying goodbye to it was definitely a hard time to be had.


The episode that bid us it’s final goodbye had epic proportions and gave the viewers proper closure, but also left us wanting more, by showing the park, all of its inhabitants plus their extended families twenty five years after the main event that ended the series. This is where 25 Years Later #1 begins.

In the true fashion of the show’s episodes formula, things start simple enough: an errand for ice mixes together with the main duo’s urge to relieve their youthful adventures and ends up in a bizarre journey in a hidden kingdom, where a missing wallet and a prize on their heads puts Mordecai and Rigby paired up with an unlikely friendship.

Problem is, that his so called friend grants them an accidental wish, but at a cost, and we end with the two main characters having to deal with the consequences of their carefree attitudes, leaving the premise open for the issues to come.


The art is really charming. Doesn’t look exactly like in the cartoon and this is a good thing – while things are kept just familiar enough, there’s a small twist on everything just to keep things visually interesting. Same goes for the colors: the palette isn’t as bright as the one used in the show, but makes everything pop just enough.

All of that, combined with a writing that is just as bizarre and wonderful as an episode of the series, is more than enough to leave me urging for more.

Overall: 10/10


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