Regression Interview: Part Two Danny Luckert and Marie Enger

Regression #1 Review

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Danny Luckert

Colorist: Marie Enger

Letterer: Marie Enger

Cover by: Danny Luckert

Publisher by: Image Comics


Horror titles aren’t usually my first choice, but I like a lot of what Cullen Bunn has done, so I decided to give this new number one a try. The beautifully drawn cover by Luckert is covered with phobia-evoking imagery, giving you just a taste of what’s to come in the issue.

Regression #1 2

You can see Bunn’s experience come to the fore in how focused the narrative stays throughout. Besides a cold open, the entire issue revolves around a single protagonist, Adrian, and his insect filled hallucinations. We learn that his erratic behaviour has begun to worry some of his friends. Seeking help from a hypnotist, Adrian unwittingly unlocks the terrors causing his episodes. I don’t want to reveal what’s causing the problems, but Bunn manages to introduce a fresh concept that could take this book in a number of interesting directions.

I wasn’t familiar with Danny Luckert’s work before this, but was highly impressed with his character acting and detailed backgrounds. He also does an amazing job of zeroing in on the most unnerving aspects of each scene. Panels go from simple boxes and layouts to amorphous shapes tipping as the character sinks further into insanity.

Regression #1 3

Whether you’re a horror buff or not, Regression #1 provides an impressively illustrated, twisted journey through an otherwise normal man’s psychotic break. The story is instantly engaging and gives the reader plenty incentive to pick up the next issue.

Overall: 9/10







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