Regenesis Arcade Launches Today

December 18th, 2017 Hyperbook Studio, a Polish developer studio, announces their premiere title is already available on Steam. REGENESIS Arcade is a dynamic, futuristic shooter designed for Virtual Reality technology. It works with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. Player is facing successive waves of various drones and powerful bosses, using a wide range of weapons, enhancements, reinforcements and power-ups. The first title of Hyperbook Studio is available on Steam in two versions: free LITE and full DELUXE Early Access, which will be systematically developed and extended with additional content.

REGENESIS Arcade is a pure action game, with an emphasis on twitch reflexes, physics usage and fast teleport-based movement through the arena. Every playthrough can be very different due to combination of level design, enemy AI and weapon upgrade choices. Player can create his own playstyle – he can try to hide from enemies and wait until they find out his spot or rush them, teleporting behind their backs with two shotguns.

While creating its first production, Hyperbook Studio was inspired by games from the era of classic arcade machines. They are bringing the atmosphere of uncompromising fun to the ground of modern VR technology. Player takes the role of the last man on Earth, awakened from a long hibernation. The game revolves around the Arcade mode, which is full of exciting and captivating struggle against enemy forces coming from all sides, while moving around the level and buying proper weapon upgrades for the best performance. The goal is simple: survive as long as possible in a world where everyone, besides your friendly turret, is an enemy. Creators have prepared a special interactive tutorial, which allows you to get acquainted with the game mechanics. While completing simple logical tasks, players have the opportunity to learn how to move around in the VR world and how to use its complex physics.

The task that the players face is not easy – in every round, bigger groups of increasingly powerful opponents are heading towards the arena. Thanks to the advanced algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, which are different for each type of enemy, every wave is unpredictable and requires of player to pay attention and select the right equipment. REGENESIS Arcade features five types of weapons with different range, fire rate and power, as well as power-ups, randomly appearing after destroyed enemies and turrets. They will help the player to get out of the most dangerous situations. Between the rounds, player can customize his weapons, selecting from range of perks like freezing shots, bouncing bullets and doubled barrels. These will certainly be useful when one of the powerful bosses will enter the arena. Fighting him will require not only a fine eye, but also agility in jumping around the arena and avoiding attacks.

LITE and DELUXE versions
REGENESIS Arcade is available in both free LITE and full DELUXE Early Access versions. Free-to-play edition offers access to three power-ups, ten perks and five weapons. LITE is not limited in time and number of Arcade rounds – it is a fully-fledged production where VR owners can spend long hours. This solution is a tribute from Hyperbook Studio, that wants to help the community of VR players around the world to grow.

After purchasing access to DELUXE edition, players will have access to new maps and opponents, an increased number of perks and power-ups, and a friendly turret that helps them fight enemies. The paid version will also be systematically upgraded until leaving Early Access and going into full release. On premiere day REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE, game will feature 8 power-ups, up to 26 unlocked improvements, 6 maps (including 3 night maps), 3 types of friendly turrets, additional types of enemies and a global ranking system.

DELUXE edition on Steam Early Access costs 9,99 USD/EUR. Moreover, between 18th and 25th December game will be 10% discounted. REGENESIS Arcade will also appear soon in the Oculus Experience Rift and Vive Port online stores.

REGENESIS Arcade – official website
REGENESIS Arcade Lite – game page on Steam
REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE – game page na Steam
Hyperbook Studio – main page

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