Red Sonja Halloween Special One-Shot Review

Writer: Erik Burnham, Tom Defalco, Anthony Marques, Liam Marques

Artist: Tom Garcia, Anthony Marques, Avery Marques

Colors: Morgan Hickman

Lettering: Taylor Esposito

Cover: Reilly Brown

Publisher: Dynamite




This special is comprised of two stories, the second being a brief little number at the back. I am usually down for a decent Red Sonja tale, and these two were pretty typical of the stories we all associate with the She-Devil. I’m not sure if I was expecting much more than what I got, but it would have been nice to be surprised, especially for a holiday themed oneshot. However, I wasn’t let down or anything, so that’s always a plus.


The first story is titled Curse of the Wolf and features an even bustier than usual Sonja encountering the supernatural during a festival that marks the time of year when spirits can cross into the fleshy world most easily. I liked the premise, but the missing word in the second text box immediately had me on my guard. It ended up being a pleasantly creepy plot, if a little predictable. The dialogue seemed somewhat bland and not quite up to par with the epic dialogue in many of the other stories of Conan and Red Sonja.

I did like the art of the first story quite a bit, despite the exaggeration of certain anatomical parts. The faces were drawn really well and the colors were great. Likewise, though a completely different style, the art in the second story, Hail Halcoose was also appealing. It had a more animated feel to it, that made it super fun and refreshing to read.


Although the plot of this second story was lightning fast, it served its purpose. I enjoyed the cheekiness and light-hearted kind of feel (though the stakes were high in the tale).

All in, a solid holiday read, if not the most memorable. It’s nice for a short break during a rainy October afternoon.

Overall: 7/10

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