Realm of Ink – Demo Walkthrough

Watch the Action-Packed First Developer Walkthrough for Realm of Ink 

663 Games reveals the Scarlet Sword weapon and Ink Gems in this exclusive demo playthrough.

Guangzhou, China – January 26th 2024. Following the huge success of the playable demo launch on Steam, Indie publisher 663 Games is excited to share the first developer walkthrough for the highly anticipated new action roguelite title Realm of Ink.

In this 13-minute walkthrough, developers Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio take you on a journey through part of the demo experience unveiling the Scarlet Sword, one of the weapon schools available to players in the game, using the Twin Domain strategy. 

The Scarlet Sword unleashes light and heavy attacks and arms the player with a fast and versatile weapon on their journey through the perilous world. The light attack is a triple strike to the front dealing low damage, and the heavy attack is a round slash around the character dealing a huge amount of damage to enemies. The heavy attack can be charged up to deal extra damage, and the charge-up speed is increased if you perform a light attack first. 

The path taken in the video revolves around the two selected Ink Gems – Venom Ink (lays down a magical circle and deals DOT, applying the “Poison” debuff to enemies), and Quake Ink (lays down a magical circle and deals DOT, applying shields to the character). Therefore the perks are selected to enhance the effects of the magical circles, increasing the Poison damage and the shield amounts.

Fans can experience the first level of Realm of Ink in the recently released PC demo available to download for free now on Steam

Realm of Ink is an Ink-style action roguelite game beautifully brought to life with a distinctive mix of 2.5D Chinese-style ink painting and modern art direction, along with a rich combat system using multiple playable characters. Its deep and intriguing story discusses the philosophical significance of life as well as the beliefs of nihilism and existentialism.

Realm of Ink will be released in 2024 for PC and consoles. Fans can download the PC demo and wishlist the game on Steam now.

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