Reality Falls To Get Alpha Demo

Reality Falls to get exclusive alpha demo next week

Richard & Alice co-creator’s new indie adventure game is set to launch via Steam next year.

7 NOVEMBER 2018 – Richard & Alice co-creator Lewis Denby, is pleased to announce that his new game, Reality Falls, will get an exclusive alpha demo next week.

The occasional adventure game developer – who by day works as a PR, hence writing his own press releases – will release a 30-ish-minute slice of the new indie adventure to interested players who sign up in advance via the game’s website.

In a dusty, dilapidated town on the former Soviet steppe, a young traveller finds himself embroiled in a strange and surreal plot that threatens the very existence of Reality Falls itself. This story-driven adventure fuses classic point-and-click puzzles with a retro, ‘JRPG-style’ look and feel.

The exclusive demo should be with those who’ve signed up by the end of next week, technical issues permitting.

About Reality Falls

A dusty, dilapidated town on the former Soviet steppe, where Europe bleeds into Asia. People first settled here hundreds of years ago, but only a few remain. Reality Falls sounds like the adventurer’s dream: a destination off the beaten track, home to a collection of oddballs and misfits, all yearning for something different. But something strange lurks within the curiously named Reality Falls.

From the co-creator of Richard & Alice comes a brand new story-driven adventure. Join Adrian Watts on the journey of a lifetime, as his round-the-world trip takes him to this unlikely destination. Meet its strange set of inhabitants, discover the town’s fascinating history, and unravel the surreal and unsettling tale that begins to unfold.

Reality Falls fuses intricate storytelling with classic point-and-click puzzles and a retro JRPG-style look and feel. It is due to release for PC in 2019.


About Lewis Denby

Lewis has worked in and around indie games for 12 years – not only as a designer and developer, but also as a journalist and editor, producer, and PR manager. Lewis runs Game If You Are, a consultancy for indie game studios, and is the publisher of The Indie Game Website. His past game design/development credits include the critically acclaimed adventure Richard & Alice, which he co-created, directed and produced; and the popular horror anthology The Charnel House Trilogy, for which he was the producer and developer of the middle chapter, Sepulchre.


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