Rat Queens (Vol. 2) #1 Review

Written by: Kurtis J. Wiebe

Art by: Owen Gieni

Letters by: Ryan Ferrier

Publisher: Image Comics/ Shadowline


The Queen’s are back and gagging to get back to the slaughter of the monster murdering kind, Hangovers be damned. Yet as much as Palisade is still rat infested squalor, Changes have occurred in their absence.

This new number 1 marks a soft reboot for the series beginning the new “Cat Kings and other Garys” storyline. Writer/Creator Kurtis Weibe has gone on the record stating Issue 16 should be considered non-canon, yet the previous 15 issues will remain as the Queen’s back-story. As the ladies are back in town and at their regular gig, this issue is perfect jump on point. Seasoned readers may be a little confused as the reboot has changed the outcome of the “Demons” story arc (Issues 11-15) in order to allow for this reset. Time will tell if we’ll get an in-story explanation for this (Magic? Magic Mushroom hallucinations? Knowing this book probably both in equal measure).

Rat Queens (Vol. 2) #1 1

I’m glad to report that a return to a brilliant formula it is and the series has lost none of its wit and style. Within 2 or 3 pages it’s like hanging out with old friends after a long absence. First time readers will immediately recognise the character types involved and the dialogue naturally fills you in on the essential back-story without feeling forced. New Characters for the book are incredibly original (and in some cases hilarious) as is that wonderful mash-up monster that the gang have battle while creating new curse words in the process.

New on Art, Owen Gieni, Is another in a long line well chosen perfect fits. The first thing you will notice is the wonderful water colouring, picking out beautiful details like Violet’s freckles and the shades of green outside the Rat Queen’s home. His expressions have their quirks here and there yet excellently and often comically portray feelings, enriching the characterisation. In the final piece of the puzzle, in action his art is dynamic and exciting and his panels flow excellently with both action and comedy reveals handled perfectly.

Rat Queens (Vol. 2) #1 2

Back in town and back on the questing sun-dial. This book hasn’t missed a beat. A joy to read. Welcome back, Ladies.

Overall: 9/10





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