Puzzle Review

Starring: Kelly MacDonald, David Denman, Austin Abrams, Bubba Weiler, Irrfan Khan

Director: Marc Turtletaub

Release date: 7th September 2018


Agnes (Kelly MacDonald) lives a very simple life. For her own birthday, she does everything from the decorations for her party, to the cake. Her family is her life and she does everything for them; her husband Louie (David Denman) and two sons, Ziggy (Bubba Weiler) and Gabe (Austin Abrams). She feels like an outsider at her own party but one of the presents she gets changes her world and life completely.

This movie is a re-make of a film that came out back in 2009, which was done in Spanish and filmed in Argentina. Its title was ‘Rompecabezas’, which translated into English, is ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’.


Agnes’ whole life revolves around her family; she literally does everything for them and is the glue that holds them together. She knows very little about life outside of her home/family and ultimately she is trapped by her own circumstance. Her husband loves her unconditionally but she soon realises that this isn’t enough for her. The jigsaw puzzle that she gets for her birthday opens doors and possibilities that she never thought possible.

A very simple story of an American housewife, whose family life is all consuming. Louie is always telling her how much he loves her but at the end of the day it in some ways becomes smothering.


I really enjoyed ‘Puzzle’. I guess I was expecting to see a run of the mill romantic comedy but what I actually got was a deep and thoughtful look into a woman’s life and ultimately her ‘finding herself’. A really great cast, I think it was a brilliant bit of casting choosing Kelly MacDonald for the lead role of Agnes. I thought her accent was flawless and you just believed in her character totally. There is quite a bit of imagery used for how her life has become gradually fractured over the years, including a smashed plate broken into a dozen pieces and also the puzzle itself.

A love story of sorts, that also encompasses Agnes breaking away from her very routine life, ‘Puzzle’ is definitely one to watch on the big screen.

Overall: 8/10


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