Puzzle Game The Lemonade Released

A scrawny goblin hunting for lemons in a dark cave, a weird quest in search of a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade

23th August 2023, Italy – Solo game developer Riccardo Caprari releases his new game, a whimsical and surprising puzzle game titled “The Lemonade”, available now on Windows PC via Steam and “The Lemonade” is a Sokoban-style puzzle game, putting players in control of a goblin desperate to enjoy a glass of lemonade. Exploring caverns and collecting lemons, they will come across a wide variety of challenging puzzles, oddly talking pigs and mundane objects with unsuspected uses.


Unique mechanics centered around the manipulation of lemons
A small open world that encourages exploration and creative thinking
Low pressure puzzle solving that allows to complete the game after collecting just a handful of lemons
Fully voiced in a language you most likely don’t understand


Steam page page

About Riccardo Caprari:

Riccardo Caprari (Capro) is an independent developer from Italy. Dedicated mainly to the creation of thoughtful and mind-expanding puzzle games, his previous game Syzygy was published as a Humble Original title.

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