Punk Taco Volume 2 On Kickstarter

Who is Punk Taco?

Punk Taco is a lovable alien taco who rocks out across the universe with his band of misfits, fighting evil and helping those in need. Punk Taco believes in peace and love but has no tolerance for bullies and tyrants, so when he sees an injustice, he can’t resist helping and joining in the fight.

He loves his friends and considers them family, and will do anything for them. His empathy and compassion for others and his willingness to sacrifice himself to help the downtrodden is legendary.

Despite his intergalactic celebrity, Punk Taco’s origins still remains a mystery. What’s his real name? Where does he come from? Is he the only one of his kind? All of these questions will be answered in time, but for now- enjoy the adventure.


Volume 2: The Story

Punk Taco and the band were on their way to a gig when we last saw them in the Volume 1 Epilogue, when a giant hand reached through a mysterious portal and whisked them away. Volume 2 picks up immediately after that and thrusts our hero and his friends into a dangerous new adventure to save a planet endangered by a greedy syndicate that is mining not just the resources, but also the very life essence of the planet itself. Punk Taco must join forces with a coalition of tribes to prevent an environmental disaster, but the problem is, they are all ready to give up and run for their lives. What’s a taco to do?


The Mission

Punk Taco Volume 2 is a continuation of Volume 1, and picks up where we left off in the epilogue. The book is penciled and we are inking and coloring each page now.

We need to raise a minimum of $15,000.00 to bring this to life. This will cover the cost of printing an 8×12 hardcover with spot varnish and full-color interior pages, as well as production (inking, coloring editing) and shipping costs. Stretch Goals will be added on if we go beyond our initial funding.

The art will be completed by the end of December, after which we will ship the book to the printer once it is edited. We are looking to have it back from the printer by May 2019.


Who Are We?

Adam and Makana Wallenta are the creators of PUNK TACO. Along with our friends Gabriel Mayorga and Lea Jean Badelles, we are artists who love to tell fun stories that inspire the imagination for all ages. Adam has been working as a professional illustrator for over 20 years and this is Makana’s 2nd book.

Check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adamwallenta/punk-taco-volume-2-a-hardcover-graphic-novel-for-a?ref=project_link

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