Project Superpowers #1 Review

Written By: Rob Williams

Artist: Sergio Davilla

Colorist: Felideus

Lettering By: Simon Bowland

Cover by: Francesco Mattina

Published By: Dynamite Comics




Project Superpowers #1 is a great start for what looks like an amazing series to come.

This book was great! I’m excited to see what this series has in store for us. It’s written really well and portrays a modern world and culture that is like foreign soil to our heroes of years passed. Our heroes in the story have been encapsulated since world war 2 in an urn and now face a modern age with no real heroes. I had the pleasure of reviewing #0 for this series and it intrigued me, to say the least, it reminded me of how good 90’s comics looked and were written. The art by Sergio Davila is great and the colors by Felideus are amazing.


In this book we are introduced to our main heroes and our villain, I loved the look and the variety of the characters involved in the former Project Superpower team. There is a sequence in this book that was like something out of the Infinity Gauntlet series from the early 90’s and it was awesome, not just in how cool something is but in sheer awesome scale a scenario can be. This story has some true weight to it, I haven’t read any of the prior series before so I’m curious about how they look and read.


The heroes have some trying times ahead and the reader will really feel the struggle involved. The feel of the book is a lot like a modern Watchmen series with a bit more flare. The disconnect with modern culture will have to be put aside in order to save it. Overall this is a great comic book, I’m really impressed with it and I’m looking forward to the series.

Overall: 9/10


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