Project Riese #1 Preview

Zac Thompson is back with an action-packed sci-fi adventure with PROJECT RIESE #1! 

JULY 28, 2023 (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Coming next week from Mad Cave Studios is the exciting debut of the all-new six-issue Sci-fi/ Pulp Adventure series with Project Riese #1, written by critically-acclaimed writer Zac Thompson (The Dregs), art and cover by Jeff McComsey (FUBAR), with colors by Paul Little, letters by Justin Birch, and Cover B by Rus Wooten.

Continuing the trend of Mad Cave Exclusive Variant, releases, Project Riese #1 is getting a very special cover by Christian DiBarri!

It’s 1952. The wound WWII inflicted on the world is still fresh. Sam Safdie and his ragtag group of treasure hunters have been searching for the fabled map of the Owl Mountains for years…and they finally found it. Their journey leads them to a massive war complex that hides both unknown horrors and a fortune in gold. However, the deeper they travel, the more they realize the complex has developed a life of its own and that some secrets are better left buried in the past.

“Project Riese #1 is a slow burn that is clearly building toward what I hope is a massive fast paced exploration of an abandoned wonderland of pseudo-science centers and horror-filled hallways, in the search for stolen gold and survival.” —Anton Kromoff,

“…the story has a unique plot with supernatural elements hinted. The tease of the existence a creature in the complex that comes to life, and the possibility of otherworldly force adds to the spine-chilling moments. The suspenseful buildup of supernatural elements promises a lot of unexplored avenues in future issues.”
—Justin Soderberg, Capes & Tights

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