Project Genesis Preview

Developer:  8 Circuit Studios

Platform: PC (Steam Early Access)

Genre: Action

Publisher: 8 Circuit Studios


Project Genesis is a PVP sci-fi shooter that is both an FPS and spaceship combat game too. The game is set in a futuristic world where you take the role of operatives who are trying to either take control of bases or protect them from intruders. It’s not a new game in that sense, it follows classic FPS genres. The game heavily leans on being a team-based game too. It must be noted that the game is in early access and there are updates, fixes and improvements occurring periodically. This should be considered as a preview.

The game does have a lot going for it, I’m a huge fan of FPS and spaceship combat. This game tries to meld and join the two formats. It’s interesting from a gameplay point of view that you can shift from either game type seamlessly in the game. It does combine the game types well.


The FPS does remind me of games I have played for years which is no bad thing, there is a huge amount of action and joyful mayhem. It was easy to pick up and play. It has all the classic elements of an FPS:- quick, frantic and lots of mayhem going on. You can customise and play load-outs that suit your style i.e. tank, stealth and so on. It took a little more time to get adjusted to the spaceship combat gameplay. I always find flying elements have a steeper learning curve and it’s not that bad in all honesty. Like the FPS elements, the visuals are superb and the action matches it too. The graphics are slick and the game does well in both game types. I didn’t suffer any graphical bugs or bugs when playing the game.


There is a huge amount of customisation and personalisation in the game types, the customise does affect your play style, you can choose smaller quicker spaceships or heavier tank builds same applies to the FPS elements too. The game also provides some solid tutorials and walkthroughs of all aspects of the game which helped me a lot and got me up to gaming speed quicker.

I played primarily on US servers, while the ping times weren’t the best, it didn’t affect my gameplay. The net code was solid and the franticness of the game shone through. I had very little noticeable latency.


The game is solid, the game mechanics and visuals are all good. I like the inclusion of two different games in the one, both are done well and enjoyable to play. I found it hard to find players at certain times of the day or certain days but once I managed to find a game it was enjoyable. I loved the action-packed nature of FPS and its high intensity, the spaceship is less intense but action-packed. It does what it attempts to do very well. I really enjoyed my time playing the game and want to play more.



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