Prismata Launches March 8th on Steam Early Access

Prismata – a hybrid strategy game eight years in development – launches March 8th 2018 on Steam Early Access

Canada, 23rd February 2018 – Lunarch Studios today announced that their much-anticipated hybrid strategy game Prismata is set for a March 8th 2018 release on Steam Early Access.

Prismata is a sci-fi-themed turn-based strategy game that blends elements of RTS, card games, and tabletop strategy games. To win, players must build up an economy, develop technologies, and hone the perfect strategy in order to create an unstoppable army.

Eight years in development, Prismata was designed by a team of poker players and mathematics researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who had grown frustrated with the inaccessibility of RTS games and randomness of card games.

Prismata successfully met its 2014 Kickstarter goal of $140 000 after a Reddit post by the developer became one of the most upvoted submissions of all time.

Thanks in part to a strong endorsement by professional poker player Mike “Timex” McDonald, Prismata went on to develop a community of thousands of online players who became entranced by its easy-to-play, yet difficult-to-master mechanics.

Now set for an Early Access release on Steam, the game launches alongside a playable story-driven campaign, with five chapters to be released monthly during the Early Access period. 

In-game features:

Four different game modes: online multiplayer, single-player campaign, puzzle challenges, and custom matches.
Replays, post-game analysis, and spectating to help you improve your tactics.
No randomness! Your fate is determined by your skill alone.
Competitive Ranked Play and Event modes with matchmaking and leaderboards.
Absolutely zero pay-to-win mechanics.
Over 500 customizable emotes and 250 unit skins to collect.

The story

Hundreds of years in the future, humans have engineered a prosperous new civilization on the distant planet Beacon, where the sun never sets. Meanwhile, the planet’s frigid dark side has been colonized by an enigmatic faction of intelligent machines that threaten humanity with conflict.

In these new cybernetic times, human soldiers are obsolete. Instead, warfare is swiftly conducted with massive armies of AI-controlled robots. Swarmwielders—the human commanders of these mechanical armies—are the defenders of society, training relentlessly for the day when the machines attack again. But when their own robots start to malfunction, the humans may find their existence threatened by something much closer than the machines lurking beyond the fringe.

About the developer

Lunarch Studios was formed in 2010, when a team of five gaming enthusiasts set out to create their own online strategy game. Dissatisfied with the clunky and shallow industry standard of real-time and turn-based games, the PhD candidates at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spent years refining their design, often completely restarting from scratch. They eventually left MIT to establish Lunarch Studios and bring their first release, Prismata, to the world at large.

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