Prismata Goes F2P This Month

Hybrid strategy title goes free on September 26 with new content

September 14, 2018 — Lunarch Studios’ Prismata, the Steam Early Access hybrid strategy game PC Gamer has described as“The best parts of StarCraft and Hearthstone” is becoming free-to-play on September 26. And while the mere mention of such a change might make some quake in their boots, Prismata will retain its competitive integrity through its free-to-play transition, offering no paid advantages to players. All purchases in the game are completely cosmetic, with no card packs to buy and no pay-to-win items on offer.

Developed by a team of MIT math students, Prismata’s development was funded by an enigmatic poker millionaire who loved the game so much that he became the driving force in bringing it to a commercial release. Prismata’s design is informed by deck building and tabletop strategy games, creating a hybrid experience that PC Gamer calls a new genre of game altogether.

In Prismata, you’ll build a powerful cybernetic army to outsmart and ultimately defeat your cunning foes. Compete online against humans or test your wits against brutally efficient AI opponents. Plan out your most devastating attack in a series of rapid-fire turns. Will you strike at the perfect moment or land squarely in your adversary’s shrewd trap?


Game Features

  • State-of-the-art enemy AI created by Professor David Churchill, winner of the 2013 StarCraft AI competition
  • A custom replay browser where you can watch, share, and analyze game replays
  • New Prismata units added regularly, each with a unique role and purpose in combat
  • 100+ Steam Achievements to unlock
  • Real-time spectator mode: watch live matches featuring top players
  • Absolutely zero pay-to-win—no card packs to open; all units are free for all players
  • Over 500 customizable emotes and 250 awesome unit skins to collect
  • No randomness! Your fate is determined by your skill alone
  • Over 100 trillion unique gameplay scenarios, each with a different optimal strategy to discover

Game Modes

  • Campaign: an enthralling 40-mission story-based single player adventure
  • Casual Match: play friendly games against other humans or one of 30 different AI personalities 
  • Combat Training: over 50 hand-crafted puzzles and scenarios dripping with fascinating strategy insights
  • Ranked Play: get paired against opponents of similar skill and compete for a spot on the leaderboards
  • Custom Games: play bots or friends with fully editable unit pools, time controls, handicaps, AI difficulty, and more
  • Expert Challenge: ultra-difficult mission variants for players seeking extreme challenges
  • Event Mode: heart-pounding blitz brawl tourneys and crazy mode-of-the-week events with prizes

About Lunarch Studios

At Lunarch Studios, we’re committed to creating fresh, disruptive new competitive computer strategy games without any bullshit—just like we always wanted. With the technical skill and determination of a modern web startup, but the integrity and craftsmanship of a pure indie game developer, we’re driven by raw, unflinching perfectionism.

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