Pokémon Movie: Diamond & Pearl Collection Review

Directed By: Kunihiko Yuyama

Studio: OLM Inc.

Audio: English

Format: DVD

Licensed By: Manga Entertainment UK

Release Date: May 2018


Pokémon has gained worldwide success following its release of the first video games of the franchise with Pokémon Red and Blue back in 1996. Following its almost immediate success, an anime adaptation soon followed in 1997. A whopping 23 years later, with over 1100 episodes and still ongoing. The anime also produced a new film each year since it’s initial release. Manga Entertainment UK has gained distribution licenses to the majority of these films and has been releasing them in sets, based on the Pokémon region they are set in. This set takes place in the Sinnoh region during the Diamond and Pearl series, where Palkia, Dialga, Giratina and Arceus are the Legendary Pokémon of this Region. My days of watching the anime continuously ended around Battle Frontier, so I have only experienced the Sinnoh region through the games and these four movies. At this stage the show was beginning to target a younger audience, as those that had grown up with the franchise thus far would now be around their middle to late teenage years.

The Rise of Darkrai – The 10th Pokémon film (2007)

It has been foretold that the Legendary Pokémon of Space and Time, Palkia and Dialga must never meet, for their collision will destroy Alamos Town and those in it. To prevent such a travesty from happening, a piece of music was created for such a time when it was most needed to soothe the fiercest rage between beasts. Many decades have passed and such an event is about to unfold in Alamos Town just as Ash & his friends arrive for Dawn’s next Pokémon contest. With the nightmare-causing Pokémon Darkrai residing in the town, all townspeople chase after it in order to stop the impending calamity, believing this one Pokémon is to blame for their town’s eventual destruction and the increasing nightmares among its residents. Will Ash & his friends discover the truth and save this town and the fate of Darkrai?

This film was all about action, in my opinion more so than the previous films in the franchise. The Pokémon Darkrai is such an interesting creature, known for causing nightmares to people and other Pokémon who cross its territory. Each Pokédex entry over the years has changed the perception we have of the Pokémon. From one that should be feared for inflicting nightmares, to one that only does it as a reaction in order to protect itself. This film shows that it is perhaps one of the most misunderstood Pokémon out there. Ultimately this is what the film is about, as well as showing the destruction that could happen when the Time and Space Legendary Pokémon meet. Ash and his friends are there to not only try to stop the destruction of the town, but to also show the townspeople the true nature of their fellow inhabitant Darkrai. Overall it is an enjoyable film and I would probably rank this somewhere in the middle compared to the rest of the films. It wouldn’t exactly be at the top of my rewatch list when it comes to Pokémon movies.

Giratina and the Sky Warrior – The 11th Pokémon film (2008)

Following the events of ‘The Rise of Darkrai’, the Reverse World in which the Legendary Pokémon Giratina resides has become corrupted and polluted following the battle between Space and Time. Having found Dialga, Giratina captures him and drags him into the Reverse World in order to battle him for justice against his home. In the middle of this abduction, a small Shaymin also fell through the portal. Using what power it processed, it was able to escape the Reverse World and ends up back in the real World where he runs into Ash & his friends. With Dialga after piggybacking on Shaymins escape, Giratina gives chase once again after Dialga. With Ash now helping the lost Shaymin get back to his friends in time for the migration, they once again cross paths with the angered Giratina. This adventure will take them to a dimension they never saw before, as another foe follows suit with their eyes set on stealing Giratinas’ ability and homeworld!

There is quite a bit going on in this film, as not only is Giratina seeking revenge for his homes’ desecration by means of attacking Dialga. Giratina is also the prey, as a researcher by the name of Zero seeks to track down the Regeneade Pokémon, destroy it and absorb its interdimensional powers – in order to freely travel and control the Reverse World. The Gratitude Pokémon Shaymin is caught up in all of this, after mistakenly being taken into the Reverse World. Due to its ability to escape, both Giratina and Zero chase after it in order to use its ability. Overall, it was another action packed adventure and one full of surprises in regards to both Shaymin and Giratina showing their altering forms. It’s more of a movie where Shaymin takes the spotlight and Ash is just there to help out when needed.

Arceus and the Jewel of Life – The 12th Pokémon film (2009)

Several millennia ago Arceus, known as ‘The Original One’, rumored to have created the entire Pokémon Universe and it’s Guardians, saved the Earth from a meteor storm and nearly perished in the process. Having lost 16 of its life giving plates, they were gathered and returned to the Pokémon God by a man named Damos. Following a short time when Arceus granted the use of several of his plates to Damos to revive his land and make it fertile, Arceus was left betrayed and angered when his plates were never returned. Fast forward to the present day, Arecus has reawakened and wishes to judge the people of the present day to see if they should survive. The rumbles caused by his awakening resulted in the spatial disturbance that resulted in the conflict between Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. Ash, the trainer who witnessed each of those battles arrives just in time to see Arceus pass judgement. Having recognised the young trainer, Dialga steps forth to send Ash and his friends back in time, to right the original sin against Arceus in hopes of saving the future!

Where once we believed that Mew was the original Pokémon, we discover that Arceus could indeed be the creator of the Pokémon Universe and the one responsible for the birth of the Creation and Lake Guardians in the Sinnoh Region. This film can almost be seen as a pilgrimage for Ash and his friends, as they come face to face with not only the Rulers of Space and Time, but also the creator of the Pokémon World – Arceus. This is also a time hopping adventure as Ash and his friends are sent thousands of years back in time, in order to stop ‘Damos’ from betraying Arceus. Once they discover the truth, Ash puts his life on the line to set things right. It’s an eventful film and one that probably included the most legendary Pokémon shown to date. This is definitely a film for those that love big Pokémon action, as legendaries clash and the faith of the World once again lies on Ashs’ shoulders!

Zoroark: Master of Illusions – The 13th Pokémon film (2010)

Crown City once lived in harmony with the surrounding forest and used to have frequent visits from the Time Travelling Pokémon – Celebi. That is until 20 years ago when a power hunger man named Kodai began having visions of the future, after absorbing a Time Ripple left behind by Celebi. Twenty years have passed and now Kodais’ ability has weakened, with his wealth and status he now holds complete power over the mainstream media. In order to capture the power of the next ripple, Kodai captures the illusion creating Pokémon Zorua and Zoroark. Along their journey to the City, Zorus uses his powers to escape. Whilst Kosai manipulates Zoroark into using its abilities to create visions of the three Guardian Protectors Entei, Raikou and Suicune, creating mass panic in the city and painting Zoroark as the enemy. With parts of the city now evacuated and in lockdown, Kodai can quietly continue his search for Celebis Time Ripple. All the while, Ash & his friends are trying to reunite Zorua with Zoroark and expose Kodai’s plans to everyone.

This is the fourth and final film in the Diamond & Pearl series, and even after the chaos caused in the three previous films – there is still plenty more action to be had. This is also the first time that both Zorua and Zoroark made their debut in the anime and much like Drakrai, they were once portrayed as misunderstood creatures, based on their abilities. The villain in this film is a man named Kodai, who has been using his ‘acquired’ ability to see into the future as a means to cheat his way to success. Knowing that his ability is growing weaker, he devises an ingenious plan to use the illusion creating Pokémon to distract the public long enough for him to secretly obtain more of Celebis power. For a while I was actually rooting for this guy as he really had a great plan in place, its just a shame his motives and conduct were pure evil. Overall this was an enjoyable film and is completely rewatchable for me, based on the characters involved and the plot.

All four of these films and even the anime series itself have been produced by OLM, Inc. A Japanese animation and film studio that has been in business for almost 30 years this coming October! Ever since episode one of the show back in 1997, they have been working tirelessly on the animation. This studio also produces many other shows including Wedding Peach, Inazuma Seven, Tamagotchi! &Yokai! Watch!

In my opinion, this collection is well worth the money. As you do get all four films in the Diamond and Pearl series in a standard case. You can buy your set now from Manga Entertainment UK. Or keep an eye out in your local Tescos, HMV and Asda, as I have seen it advertised for these stores in the past.

Feel free to reach out to use on our social media, to let me know which film was your favorite out of this set. I’d love to hear from you all.

Overall: 8/10


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