Pokémon Movie: Black & White Collection Review

Directed By: Kunihiko Yuyama

Studio: OLM Inc

Audio: English

Classification: PG (BBFC)

Format: DVD

Licensed By: Manga Entertainment UK

Release Date: July 2019


Black & White – Victini and Zekrom/Victini and Reshiram – The 14th Pokémon Movie (2011)

“Black & White – Victini and Zekrom/Victini and Reshiram: Two films in one! Ash and his friends arrive in Eindoak Town, built around a castle called the Sword of the Vale. Long ago, the castle watched over the Kingdom of the Vale, and the partnership between Victini and the king protected the people who lived there. But that kingdom has since vanished into memory, leaving behind powerful relics and ancient Pokemon.

In White, Damon is trying to restore the lost kingdom with the help of his Reuniclus. His quest has taken him to the far reaches of the barren desert, and he has convinced the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram to join him! Damon plans to trap Victini and harness its power, meaning the entire town of Eindoak faces disaster! Will the power of Ash’s ideals convince the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom to help stop Damon?

Then in Black, Damon is trying to restore the lost kingdom with the help of his Gothitelle. His quest has taken him to the far reaches of the frozen tundra, and he has convinced the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom to help him! Damon plans to trap Victini and harness its power, and so the entire town of Eindoak faces disaster! Can Ash use the courage of truth to convince the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram to help stop Damon?”

The fourteenth Pokémon film is technically two films with the same plot, with just a swap between Legendary & partner Pokémon. I wasn’t really a fan of these films, it was however the first time the franchise has released a new movie, well two in fact, simultaneously. Both films deliver a similar plot, where a man named Damon seeks to revive the dead nation of The Kingdom of the Vale. Of which he is a descendent of and hopes to reunite all its People, who have become scattered throughout the globe flowing the Kingdoms fall. In order to do so, Damon plans to use the power of the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram (White)/Zekrom (Black) and Victini to bring life back to the Vale and reunite its people. Ash, Pikachu and his travel companions become involved only to their precise timing arriving into Eindoak Town, befriending Victini and wanting to free it from its magical barrier – so it can visit the Ocean. For me I don’t see the point of having two films released with such similar plots, I also didn’t feel as emotional tied to this film. As after the first film, it just felt repetitive. It’s a complete miss for me, but may appeal more to younger fans who began watching later seasons of the show.

Kyurem Vs. the Sword of Justice – The 15th Pokémon movie (2012)

The Swords of Justice, are a trio of Legendary Pokémon that travel the World in order to protect people and Pokémon in need of help. Their pupil is the mythical Pokémon Keldeo, who has only one task left in order to join their ranks. Keldeo takes it upon himself to battle the Legendary Dragon and Ice Pokémon Kyurem. Keldeo is soon injured and with the intervention of the Swords of Justice – he escapes. Leaving his heroes encased in ice followed Kyurem’s attack. Ash and his friends later discover the injured Keldeo and are soon attacked by Kyurem, who wishes to continue the battle! With Ash’s help and a quick recovery at the Pokémon centre, the new group sets out to save the Swords of Justice from their ice prison and finish the battle against Kyurem!

Okay so I actually quite enjoyed this film, far more than the last. I never knew that Pokémon had their own ‘fabled tales’ such as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. How else would they come up with the idea of The Swords of Justice? A group of valiant warriors that travel the Globe in order to help those in need. To make this group consist of Legendary Pokémon was a great touch. This film revolves around a new recruit that has been in training to join them. Ultimately the young Keldeo is eager to join his heroes, but it’s obvious he wasn’t ready yet after suffering a quick blow from his final test opponent. Once again this is a film, where the Pokémon outshine Ash & his friends once again. Also let me know in the comments below if you recognise who plays the voice of Keldeo – without looking it up!

Genesect and the Legend Awakened – The 16th Pokémon Movie (2013)

Ash and his friends arrive in New Tork City and decide to take in the views of Pokémon Hills, a Nature Park in the middle of the city. Here they come across a once extinct Pokémon, a Genesect, that has become lost from its group. These Pokémon have been revived from fossils after being extinct for 300 million years. Promising to reunite this lost Pokémon with its group, its leader arrives and attacks Ash! With the intervention of an old acquaintance – Mewtwo, they survive the attack. The Genescet begin to build a nest and take control of the park, driving both people and native Pokémon away from the area. Mewtwo, a fellow human-engineered Pokémon, wants to help the Genesect but first needs to stop their invasion of the Park!

They left the best for last in this collection, as Mewtwo returns for some more action! To my knowledge the last time he appeared in the show was in 2006 during the tv special (which should have been a movie, it was that good) – Pokémon: The Mastermind of Mirage Island. Now with a new form in tow, Mewtwo recognises the same misplacement that the Genesect feel. Wanting to create a home and find where they belong in this new World, Mewtwo experienced the same thoughts after his escape. Both have been human-engineered, where Mewtwo was created in a lab – it appears the Genesect once lived millions of years ago before becoming fossils. This film has fast paced action, a throwback to the original badass of Kanto, but also gives him a new form that ties in with the Black & White series. Very nicely done overall and is definitely the one film that is really worth rewatching from this collection. Worth buying just for this! Also the location is based on New York City and Central Park – yeah I know, pretty oblivious!

All four of these films and even the anime series itself have been produced by OLM, Inc. A Japanese animation and film studio that has been in business for almost 30 years this coming October! Ever since episode one of the show back in 1997, they have been working tirelessly on the animation. This studio also produces many other shows including Wedding Peach, Inazuma Seven, Tamagotchi! & Yokai! Watch!

You can buy your Pokémon: Black & White Collection now both in stores or online.

With the new wave of Pokémon fans in the last two years, ever since the Pokémon Go app was released really, now is a great time to get all the movies. Either for an established Pokémon Master as yourself – or for the new Trainers starting out on their own journey.

Overall: 7/10


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