Plox Neon Releases Today

Tucson, Arizona, December 21st, 2017  Plox Neon, the new action-packed puzzle experience from Desert Owl Games (DOG) released on Steam and Android, iOS today, with PlayStation 4 coming January 9th. Inspired by the gameplay of Xionx and vintage arcade games, Plox Neon’s throwback visuals and exciting music turn this action-packed puzzle game into an entrancing experience.In Plox Neon players must use their wits to find the best way to clear areas of the map and trap monsters to earn points.  The challenge is learning the characteristics of each monster and how they interact within the map to exploit their weakness, while minimizing the risk of being attacked.  New levels are unlocked by reaching the clearing goal for each preceding level, and players can set their own high score for each level.

  • 60 Challenging Puzzle Levels
  • 8 Monsters, each requiring their own strategy to overcome
  • 6 Electronic Audio Tracks
  • Stars and High Score system to challenge yourself
  • Colorful mix of organic and retro arcade visuals


Plox Neon Available For:

  • PC & Mac on Steam,
  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App Store
  • PlayStation 4 on January 9th

Steam Plox Neon:

About Desert Owl Games
Founded in 2011 by two of the three original creators of Pox Nora, Desert Owl Games’ goal is to design strategy games that meet the needs of their passionate player base.  In early 2014, Desert Owl Games acquired the rights of Pox Nora and updated the game and released it on PlayStation 4 during May of 2017. Other titles include The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse released in 2016, and Space Wars: Interstellar Empires released December 2017.


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