PlayStation Plus – New Updates

Over the last few months, the changes to Playstation Plus with its four tiers have been covered; by us. We have a post from July  ( that covers each of the tiers in more detail and what to expect.

I want to follow up on what I uncovered and what I have; liked about the new Playstation Plus updates. It must be noted that there are new games constantly being added each month to each tier. The premium and extra tiers have the same PS4 and PS5 catalogues of games. PS1, PS2, and PS3 games are in the premium tier. The tiers will come down to how much of the older games you want more than anything else apart from the Trial mode, which I think is well worth it.

For me, the Game Trial mode in the premium tier is an amazing feature that lets you try a complete game for a whole two hours. Realistically this gives you some confidence that you will like the game before you, or you can try a genre of game that you wouldn’t have previously played. There are; a few notable games that I tried that I was interested in after playing the complete game which otherwise I have ignored. This premium feature is a game changer for me. It really enhances the Playstation Plus experience. There is a limited amount of trial games at the moment. Oh, and you get to keep trophy progress, too, from the trial.


I have found a significant improvement in the Cloud Streaming, and whilst it’s not 100% perfect. It’s much improved from the initial release in June, though not every game is available for Cloud Streaming. I do; like this feature as it’s a save on hard drive space if you haven’t extended the PS5 hard drive capacity.

Months later, I’m still really impressed by the huge; catalogue of games. Each month new games get added to all versions of Playstation games that will satisfy retro gamers as well as current gamers. The offerings of amazing games throughout the years are stunning. It’s nice to have one console that allows you to play games from way back in the day, also offering current generation PS5 games. I’m still super happy with the huge selection of amazing games.

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