PlayStation 5 Features

As part of the new PS5, the User Interface and navigation has received an update too, there are still of the similar Sony menu structures and tabs. However, the main log is more a stripped-back tiled affair with an emphasis on sharing and progress in the game via pop up-cards. Pop-up cards give updates on game progression and trophy progression The primary noticeable feature of the interface is responsiveness to the user interface and better integration into the PS store. There is a noticeable difference between the PS4 and PS5 UI, it’s a case of night and day. It’s clean, slick and a huge leap forward from the last one.


PS5 comes with a superfast 825GB hard-drive with only 667GB of usable space, any game loaded on the main SSD will run lightning quick. There is an expansion port to extend the capacity of the PS5. You will have to manage what you store on the internal drive or your expanded drive. The trade-off is speed versus capacity is worth it, I’d prefer less space with enhanced performance. Reduced load times are underrated.


The PS5 has been mooted to have more than 99% backward compatibility with the PS4 library. I tried the physical copy of Bloodborne and Ghosts of Tsushima digital download to test it. Starting with Bloodborne I installed the game from the disc drive, in terms of gameplay it plays exactly like the PS4 copy. I did notice the game did load quicker than PS4 version and load between sections wasn’t as noticeable, however, the game isn’t optimised for PS5 but the experience is fluid and solid. Ghosts was a digital download from the library and the comparison between both systems was similar in-game boot and load times, the developers did a fantastic job to optimise Ghosts for PS4. Gameplay and visuals are superb and I can’t complain one bit with the backward compatibility. With access to all the previous content in my PS4 library, it’s super easy to download and play your favourites again.


Over the last few days, I have been doing a lot of content from my library and new games, I have noticed a drastic improvement on network speeds via WIFI. The WIFI performance is quick and updates (console and games) have been seamless and rapid.

PS 5 review unit supplied by Sony.

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