Pizza and Taco: Super-Awesome Comic! Review

Written By: Stephen Shaskan

Illustrated By: Stephen Shaskan

Published By: Random House Graphic

Release Date: 10th August 2021


Pizza and Taco are two of the most excitable party food best friends you would ever find! They both enjoy water slides, having fun with their friends Hot Dog and Hamburger, going all out for a party – and now they have decided to create a comic book together! Only trouble is – they can’t agree on whose ideas are better?!

‘Pizza and Taco’ return for a third time as they go about creating their very own superhero comic. However they can’t seem to agree on which direction to take with both the story and artwork. Taco is very talented at art, but has perhaps over done it when it comes to his very muscly character design. Whereas Pizza has gone all out on his super-incredible superhero alter ego. Just what will these two fast food friends do in order to make this comic happen?!



The ‘Pizza and Taco’ comic series is perfect for young readers that are just starting out on their first chapter books. With cute and funny illustrations, full of imagination and laughs. The story is simple but still interesting for young readers so it should hold their attention. The chapters are short, but are useful for young readers that are just starting out on reading chapter books on their own. There is also some fun to be had for the adults that may read these stories for their kids, as the imagery alone is amusing. I mean what other book are you going to read that has pizza and taco characters acting like kids? It’s certainly an amusing book to bring up with the other parents at the school gate.


The ‘Pizza and Taco’ series is created by author and illustrator Stephen Shanskan. Based in Minneapolis, Stephen’s life has always been focused on educating kids as he began his career as an early childhood educator. Since then he has also published over a dozen children’s books, including ‘A Dog is a Dog’, ‘Three Triceratops Tuff’ and ‘Punk Skunks’. With ‘Pizza and Taco’ being his first graphic novel series. You can check out all of his books over on his website below.


‘Pizza and Taco: Super-Awesome Comic!’ will be available to buy both on Kindle and Physical release on the 10th August. Follow the link below to order online, or call into your local bookshop to place your pre-order.

Overall: 7/10

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