Pixie Review

Starring: Olivia Cooke, Chris Walley, Colm Meaney, Daryl McCormack, Ben Hardy, Dylan Moran, Pat Shortt, Alec Baldwin, Turlough Convery

Director: Barnaby Thompson

Release date: 4th December 2020

Pixie Hardy (Olivia Cooke) is a headstrong young woman, living in Sligo. All the local boys fancy her and will try any trick to just talk to her. Her ex-boyfriend, Colin and his friend Fergus are going to do a raid on a church, but when they get there, all they find is four priests sitting round a table. Not all is as it seems and it’s not long before Colin is on the run.. Pixie’s dad, Dermot (Colm Meaney) smells trouble and soon he and Pixie’s brother are on Colin’s trail. Pixie seems to attract trouble wherever she goes and two of the local boys end up helping her with a problem which results in them having to go on the run from some very very bad people..

We’ve all been desperate for a great Irish movie to hit cinemas since earlier this year and ‘Pixie’ is the one you’ve been waiting for. Cast-wise, it’s always fantastic to see Dylan Moran on the big screen and in this role, he’s the total opposite to the comedic messer that we all know and love. The same could be said for Pat Shortt who is in the movie for all of five minutes. You know with a cast like this, that you’re going to get your money’s worth. There’s even Alec Baldwin as a dodgy but violent priest with an even dodgier Irish accent.


A fantastic cast, stunning Irish scenery and a brilliant story from start to finish makes this one to justify a trip to your local cinema. Starting off slowly, it’s not long before the action builds to a crazy chase of cat and mice and the shoot out at the end alone will make your entire viewing worthwhile. One of my favourite movies so far this year. Go see it!

Overall: 8.5/10

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