Phantom Spark Gameplay Trailer

Experience The Exhilarating High-Speed Racing Of Phantom Spark In Next Fest Demo
Engage in precision time-trial racing in single-player campaign and challenge friends in split-screen multiplayer

Gateshead, United Kingdom – June 7th 2024: Coatsink and Ghosts are pleased to announce that a demo for Phantom Spark will be available as part of the Steam Next Fest, running from June 10th – June 17th. Following in the legacy of titles like Trackmania, WipeOut, F-Zero and Thumper, Phantom Spark is an exhilarating high-speed racer that will test your limits as you push for the best times while speeding through otherworldly architecture.

Currently, in development for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Phantom Spark will offer a full single-player campaign where you must challenge the domain champions, as well as a split-screen multiplayer mode where you can take on your friends. Global online leaderboards will test your skills to the limit as you seek to hone your abilities and set record-breaking times.

Compete against ghost opponents to see the current best time in action, allowing you to improve your racing line and find those extra fractions of a second that can make all the difference. With instant restarts, you stay in the rhythm, keeping focus as you refine your times on each pathway.

During Steam Next Fest, there will be a Next Fest leaderboard to compete in. Can you get to the top?


About Coatsink
Coatsink formed in 2009 and has grown into a diverse and versatile development studio and indie Publisher which is now part of the Thunderful Group. Coatsink has developed and published fantastic games for all current-gen consoles, PC and Virtual Reality, including the recent games Jurassic World: Aftermath, REPLACED, PHOGS! Cake Bash and Transformers: Battlegrounds, and Coatsink has built their reputations on exciting and innovative titles and a wicked sense of humour.

About Ghosts
Ghosts is a new game development studio based in Reykjavik. Founding members Joon and Torfi have assembled a team of experienced artists for the project, including Joost Eggermont as art director, to develop the highly stylized, pure time-trial racing game Phantom Spark. Previously they shipped the game NUTS together, and have released games including: The Professional, A Firm Handshake, Don’t Trip, Triple Agent and Out of the Loop.

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