Perp Games bring VR title Theseus to retail on Playstation VR

Perp Games bring VR title Theseus to retail on Playstation VR

Forge Reply and Perp Games are excited to announce a partnership to distribute globally, retail copies of Theseus on PlayStation VR.  Theseus will hit European shelves from 24/11/2017. 

Theseus is a unique VR experience that feels cinematic in scale. Watch the action unfold from behind the shoulders of our hero as he discovers the dark and dreary labyrinth. Make your way through ruins and past treacherous slopes, while you try to elude the invincible minotaur. You can never feel safe, however, because its minions will hunt for you even in the darkest recesses of the maze.

As the story begins, Theseus awakes alone in a hostile and mysterious place, led only by the voice of Ariadne. This is a game TechRaptor called ‘a fantastic environment worth exploring’ and PlayStation Universe claimed is ‘drowning in atmosphere’.

Theseus 2

You will learn more about Theseus’s relationship with Ariadne, the tricks and traps of the labyrinth, and how to stop the deadly minotaur in this dark and mature re-imagining of a Greek myth from Forge Reply.

Journeying into the depths, armed with just a sword and a torch, you will uncover mythological architecture in full, glorious form. Third person VR will surprise you with a new kind of immersion, where you can truly appreciate the massive scale of the world and its eerie atmosphere.

Forge Reply are PC, console and mobile developers based in Milan, Italy. Before working on Theseus, the studio released Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, an episodic adventure, and In Space We Brawl, a twin-stick, multiplayer shooter.

Perp Games have brought the likes of VR Karts, Radial G and Don’t Knock Twice to retail and have a growing portfolio of exciting PlayStation VR experiences in their library.

Filippo Rizzante, CTO of Reply says “We are excited to hit retail stores with our game Theseus. Thanks to our partnership with Perp Games, we can strengthen our presence in the PlayStation environment, and reach even more players worldwide.”

Theseus 3

Rob Edwards, MD and Founder of Perp says, “When we first saw the team at Forge Reply and played Theseus, we were sold straight away.    From the first moment, you are drawn into their incredibly imagined world and by making Theseus 3rd Person, adds so much to the experience. Forge Reply are re-inventing the way we play VR games.”  

Theseus will come to all participating retailers from 24/11/2017.

About Forge Reply

Forge Reply is the game studio of the Reply group and develops games for PC, consoles and mobile devices. The company also operates in the business market, with dedicated solutions for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

About Perp Games

Perp Games is a new Video Game Publisher whose aim is to help developers, in any way possible, bring extraordinary, exciting and in this case, Legendary games to retail. Check out our website at


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