Paula Garces Co-Creates The World of Aluna Comic

Paula Garces Co-Creates The World of Aluna Comic

Actress Paula Garces (On My Block, The Shield, Harold and Kumar) announced today the official launch of the comic line she co-created with husband Antonio Hernandez. The character of Aluna has been a fan favorite for years in the online game Heroes of Newerth and the comic line tells the origin story of the character.  The comic line sets Aluna as royalty in Spain, despite being stolen by Conquistadors as a child, who is now forced into a trip to the New World only to find she is the daughter of the Incan goddess Pachamama. Aluna must face a world more foreign then she could imagine to master her newly discovered Destiny. The award winning writing team Sekret Agents Productions (Batman Arkham Origins, Assassins Creed) added their talents to complete eight new issues of the book. The first three issues are currently available in print and online at

“Think Apocalypto meets Pirates of the Caribbean”, explained Garces.  “ Present, past, and future are one for her in the online game and all of those elements help tell the story of the comic.  We did a signing at San Diego Comic Con and it was so much fun seeing fan response to the book. Women are now the ones saving the world and the world is finally ready for it.”

Aluna #1

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