Path Out – Launch Trailer

Path Out – Launch Trailer

Autobiographical narrative adventure by Syrian refugee Path Out out now on Steam

The narrative adventure Path Out by Syrian refugee Abdullah Karam and Causa Creations is out now for Steam on PC and Mac for free.

Path Out is the autobiographical narrative adventure by Syrian refugee Abdullah Karam. In the game, players experience Abdullah’s escape from the Syrian civil war, a conflict that forced approximately 12 million people to leave their homes. At key moments throughout Abdullah’s dangerous journey to the Turkish border, he speaks to the player through YouTube-style commentary videos and gives insights into his monumental escape.


“I think autobiographical games are not as common as films or books but as a big gamer it just felt like the right way to tell my story”, says Abdullah Karam, writer and graphic artist of Path Out. “Hopefully players will appreciate seeing the start of the war in Syria from another perspective and understand better what it was like to escape your home as a young man.”

A prototype of Path Out was available for a limited time on, with a full version for Steam available now. Possible later instalments of the Path Out series could take the player on Abdullah’s journey through Turkey, Greece and the Balkans until he finally arrives at his destination and current whereabouts in Central Europe.

You can follow Path Out on Facebook, Twitter and the official website.

Download – Path Out on Steam
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