Papercutz Announces Digital Lizards of Doom


By Gabriel Valentin

Illustrated by Ernie Najera

-On-sale on December 5, 2023-

Join the Digital Lizards of Doom on an unforgettable action adventure through the cosmos!

When a magical trickster secretly traps an entire universe inside a video game world, a young warrior named Dizzy Doom must search for answers to unravel the mystery. But as villains from another galaxy come to attack his kingdom, Dizzy is forced to make an unlikely alliance with a mysterious ninja and cyborg cat pirate. Dizzy’s ideology will be tested, as he comes to realize everything is not always as it seems.


“Everyone is born with a super power,” said DLOD creator Gabriel Valentin. “It’s called the power of imagination. And Digital Lizards of Doom is here to celebrate that creative wonder, while teaching life lessons that kids of any age can take with them into their day-to-day lives.”

Digital Lizards of Doom is a landmark publication for Papercutz. Papercutz is known internationally for producing great graphic novels, so we’re more than thrilled to introduce a project that is part of such an impressive independently created mixed-media universe. Digital Lizards of Doom is the first in a series that will let readers grow alongside the story, while expanding their love of the DLOD universe through the incredible combination of music, literature, adventure, and pop culture. Gabe has paired his incredible first book with original DLOD music, which will be available on the DLOD website– and both are sprinkled with hidden easter eggs referencing the classic pop culture moments that influenced him. Will you be able to spot all of them?

DIGITAL LIZARDS OF DOOM: LEVEL 1: DIZZY DOOM [9781545811320; $12.99; Ages 7-12] is out on December 5, 2023. It is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon, Bookshop, and Barnes & Noble.


About Gabriel Valentin

Gabriel Valentin is a writer, creative designer and producer. Gabriel’s fingerprints can be found in many different forms of pop-media. Everything from commercial film and TV production, to songwriting and show hosting. Valentin has spent over a decade touring and performing on major stages across the world, but prefers to be more of a “behind the scenes” sort of guy. Forbes magazine praised Gabriel’s accomplishments in a recent interview where the interviewer discussed how Valentin was able to transform his love for pop-culture into a successful children’s brand known as Digital Lizards of Doom. Gabriel spends most of his free time at the beach in his hometown of San Diego, and partnering with ComicBooks For Kids, a non-profit organization that distributes comic books and toys to more than 200 children’s hospitals in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Digital Lizards of Doom takes breaking the fourth wall to a new level, with a groundbreaking new storytelling medium that literally makes the reader a part of the story themselves. The ancient and mysterious Pineapple Pete has trapped an entire universe of characters inside his video game simulation and has sent this “magical” book (Digital Lizards of Doom) to earth to enlist the help of anyone who reads it. You have been summoned! Will you help Pineapple Pete solve the mysteries of this space-fantasy world he has created?

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