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Full Locomotion Horror thriller Paper Dolls with a Spine-Chilling storyline is out now

Taipei, Taiwan, October 30, 2018A new PlayStation VR horror thriller, Paper Dolls, is released today by Winking Entertainment. Paper Dolls is definitely a different experience from the previous horror games. With an anti-motion-sickness movement system, mysterious Oriental setting, and some challenging puzzles to solve, Paper Dolls can take you on a startling and fearsome journey.

Paper Dolls is the latest horror game from Winking Entertainment. The story begins with a conversation between a father and his daughter. When the dialogue finishes, players are taken to a temple-looking abandoned palace. Players’ goal of the game is straightforward: find the missing daughter and get out in one piece.

One of the innovation for Paper Dolls is the movement system. For players to fully engage in the story, the developer built an anti-motion-sickness system. It’s an innovative approach to achieve full locomotion. Players have full control of their movement. The movement system might take time to get familiar with, but when accustomed to the maneuver mechanics, the gameplay goes to a whole new level.

Paper Dolls is a horror game based on experiential horror rather than jump-scare spam. The developer for Paper Dolls, LITCHIGAME stated, “We want our players to be truly startled by the experience of the gameplay, not by unexpected jump-scares. For a horror game, this is our highest goal.” Everything has to make sense. Thankfully, Paper Dolls delivers the gameplay quality.

Paper Dolls is also one of the hardest puzzle games. Puzzle elements tie closely with Chinese culture. By interacting with each piece of the puzzle, players get to learn about the culture and tradition of this eastern thriller.
The game will be available for US PlayStation on October 30, and October 31 for EU PlayStation. Remember to check out the link for the game.

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