Overwatch: New Blood #5 Variant Cover Revealed

Overwatch: New Blood #5 Cover Revealed

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Peciller/Inker: Irene Koh

Colorist: Mariel Rodriguez 

Letterer: Deron Bennett & AndWorld Design

Variant cover: Leslie Hung

On sale: 11/16/22

As D.Va and the rest of MEKA Squad watch the Null Sector attack unfolding in Paris, D.Va requests permission to contact Overwatch. Korea has its own omnic threat to worry about though, so her request is denied. But when a new enemy turns the streets of Busan into a battlefield, MEKA Squad find themselves outnumbered . . . and out of time. Will wave after endless wave of omnics prove too much for even D.Va to defeat? Variant cover by Leslie Hung (SNOTGIRL)!


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