Ova Magica Early Access Announcement Trailer

Fresh off the heels of participation in this year’s Guerilla Collective showcase, colorful JRPG Ova Magica is taking part in Steam’s latest Next Fest. Billing itself as “Pokemon-meets-Harvest Moon“, the game has had a long history of development originating as far back as 2019. Developed by a primarily woman-led team, the game has received extensive hype online, and became the #6 most funded game campaign of 2021 on Kickstarter (as well as received the “Big K” community award from the site). The game has had significant attention directed toward it since then from multiple locations, including being spotlighted in an edition of the 2022 PC Gaming Show thanks to its publisher, Top Hat Studios, Inc.

After much hard work, the team is extremely proud to be able to present its extensive demo ahead of its July Early Access launch, featuring 4-5+ hours of content. The game is scheduled to launch into Early Access on July 23rd. You can view the announcement trailer for the game’s upcoming launch below, which debuted in Top Hat Studios’s publisher spotlight in Guerilla Collective.

The game features an extensive, highly interwoven mixture of Creature Collector, JRPG, and Simulation elements. You’re the new resident of Clover Town, and your new life awaits you! Befriend blobs, explore themed dungeons, and maybe meet the love of your life! When not battling fellow blob trainers or making friends with (or doing errands for) the other residents of the town, tend to your very own customizable farmstead, where you can grow and craft ingredients & materials to not only strengthen your blobs and make money but also unlock beautiful new worlds full of adventures.

The goal of Ova Magica is to combine the charm of classic genres with new, modern and intuitive twists on staple mechanics. After moving to take care of a farmstead in the aforementioned quaint little hamlet Clover Town, you’re introduced to something that changes your life forever: Blobs! Blobs are cute, wobbly, and rotund creatures which hatch from eggs. Treat them with care and they can become your greatest companions!

Coming in dozens of varieties (with all of them being cross-breedable, for hundreds if not thousands if not more results!), Blobs can face off against rival blob trainers and help you out around the farm and in the wider world with their unique abilities. As your relationship with the locals (some of whom you might choose to settle down with!) and the town increases, the secrets of Clover Town start to unlock in front of you. And by secrets, we mean hidden temples, dungeons, and portals to exotic dimensions!

These new worlds contain¬†strange items and priceless artifacts that hold the key to the town’s – and your own – future. Tame and raise blobs, battle trainers or wild dungeon blobs, build your homestead, explore the secrets of the world, and win the hearts of the residents of the townfolk. What will you write in the history book of Clover Town?¬†

Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1299170/Ova_Magica/

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