OutRage: Fight Fest Launches on Steam 16th July

OutRage: Fight Fest, World’s First 16-Player Mega-Brawler Confirmed For Launch On Steam July 16, 2024

Debut title from Hardball Games Offers PC Players Big Battles, Mass Destruction and Comedy Chaos In the Ultimate Party Throw-Down 

3.6.24, Brighton, UK. Hot on the heels of their successful demo launch, and ahead of their inclusion in Steam’s Next Fest on June, 10, Hardball Games is thrilled to announce that OutRage: Fight Fest, the world’s first, 16-player beat-em-up, PC Mega-Brawler will be available for players to enjoy on Steam from 16 July.

In the first-of-a-kind party game, contenders will need to embrace the chaos as they, and up to 15 of their friends, punch, kick, throw, use a whole host of weapons and the destructible levels around them in a battle of the biggest! They’ll party-up in hilarious, short-session, Battle Royale, Free for All and Team-Based battles, causing damage to each other and the scenery to earn ‘Rage’ and as their ‘Rage’ increases they’ll bulk up, hitting harder and throwing bigger in chaotic smash sessions where everything is a weapon. 

Set in a reality parallel to our own, a rare serum is discovered that gives players temporary invulnerability and superhuman strength paving the way for the craziest punch party on the planet: OutRage: Fight Fest. A mysterious eccentric billionaire will grant you entry to the fist-fighting showdown in exchange for the rights to harvest your Rage!

“We really wanted to give players the opportunity to party together in a way that was fun and didn’t involve the time sink that most multiplayer games require.” Said Jason Avent, Founder of UK based Hardball Games. “We wanted to put them straight at the heart of the battle. Making the game easy to get into and enjoyable in short sessions, but also offer a depth of gameplay to those looking to be more strategic in wrangling the chaos of 16 players, all fighting for victory at once.” He continued.

Already two years into its development, the early access version of the fun and frenetic game includes; a 16-player ‘Knockout’ mode and a 4×4-player and team-mode called ‘Domination’; set in two arenas: Dockyard and Construction Site, both just waiting to be destroyed. With a strong focus on party-play, contenders will be able to host custom games and share them with friends so they can battle together. While those wanting to hone their fight skills can learn the ropes and practice combos either in training mode or with battle bots in time-limited practice challenges.

Ahead of early access launch in July, wanna-be contenders can check out the latest on the game in Steam’s upcoming Next Fest at 18:00 GMT/10AM PST on June 10, or play the new game demo right now: OutRage: Fight Fest on Steam (steampowered.com)

This two-mode teaser gives players the chance to take part in 16-player brawls in Knockout matches where only one contestant can be left standing. They can also try out 16-player, team-based, flag capturing in the Domination mode where they’ll need to work together to capture and control points.  Newbies can jump into the training area or Practice Mode to hone their fighting skills.

About Hardball Games: A new, independent start-up company based in Brighton and founded in January 2022, Hardball Games is composed of the previous founders of Boss Alien, Mad Atom & TT Odyssey, who have experience creating a range of multiplayer games, particularly for mobile, including CSR Racing & LEGO Star Wars Battles on Apple Arcade, as well as developing Pure & Split Second for console & PC.

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