Our Final Halloween Live on Kickstarter

Five kids wake up in an abandoned house.

They don’t know why they’re there, how they got there, or whose blood they’re covered in…

Covered in blood, disorientated, and with no short-term memory, these five kids will need to work together to solve the mysteries of this hellish house, or this will be their final Halloween.

Co-created by Mike Garley (Adventure Time, The Kill Screen, Samurai Slasher), and Michael Lee-Graham (Shortlist Magazine, Hero Complex Gallery, Dead Roots), Our Final Halloween is a thirty-four-page horror one-shot full of monsters, mystery, blood and surprises. Our Final Halloween tells the story of a diverse group of characters who need to band together to fight an ancient evil, in this John Carpenter/HP Lovecraft inspired 80s horror romp.

Our Final Halloween is a digital-only comic that will be Kickstarting from the 1st to the 30th of October. The comic will then be available to all who pledged to the campaign on the 31st of October. Perfect for a Halloween read.


We wanted to make an event comic that captured the fun and excitement of Halloween, which is why we’ve created a Kickstarter that helps us build to a Halloween launch. We’ve commissioned an original sound track (featuring the track from our Kickstarter video), essays on horror, guest artist pin ups, and guests posts leading up to the launch of the comic on the 31st.” – Mike Garley

Check out the KS here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1668205146/our-final-halloween-a-one-shot-digital-horror-comi


Creator bios

Michael Lee-Graham (artist and co-creator) is a UK based illustrator, poster designer and motion graphics artist with an unhealthy fascination of all things horror. Best known for his poster design work for Shortlist Magazine and Hero Complex Gallery, Mike has also worked on such comic projects as the Dead Roots anthology and Samurai Slasher. Mike also hates writing blurbs about himself in the third person. mikeleegraham.com – @mikeleegraham

Mike Garley (writer and co-creator) is an EMMY-nominated writer who has written for Adventure Time, Wallace and Gromit, and Image Comics’ 24 Panels anthology, as well as creator-owned projects The Kill Screen, Samurai Slasher, and Our Final Halloween. When he’s not writing, Mike lectures on Creative Writing for Brockenhurst College, and Scriptwriting for Film and TV for the Arts University College Bournemouth. He’s also more fun than this bio implies. But not by a lot…

Mikegarley.com @mikegarley – patreon.com/mikegarley

Michael Stock (letterer and logo design) is a comic book letterer and graphic designer, he was also the digital editor for the Dead Roots anthology and VS Comics. His lettering credits include: 32 Kills, Clockwork Watch, Dead Roots, Destiny’s Fate, Eponymous, The Kill Screen, The Pride, Raygun Roads, VS Comics, and several short stories for Starburst Magazine and Image.

michaelstock.co.uk @sheriffstocky – facebook.com/comicbooklettering.co.uk


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