Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR Review

Developer: Virtuallyz Gaming

Platforms: PlayStation VR2 (Reviewed), Steam VR, Meta Quest 2 and Pico 4

Genre: Action

Publisher: Microids


Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is the VR version of a 1987 arcade classic, rebooted and in VR; in this version, you will pop on your PS VR2 kit and be transported to an animated shooter that is fun.

The story is basic; there is an infamous gang led by General Viper, who is up to no good. You are the super agent who must stop the gang and the General.  


Despite the heavy story, the game is lighthearted, fun, and comical in places. In the VR world, you carry your gun and must survey each level in all directions to kill your enemies. The mechanics have you taking a weapon; you can switch between handguns, machine guns, shotguns and uzis. Gameplay, while straightforward, makes for a fun game that focuses on the shooter aspects. The graphics are perfect for this Caribbean cartoony landscape and action-packed game. It’s all about blasting those enemies away and being the hero. The soundtrack, voiceovers, and presentation again are simple and compliments this stripped-back action-packed game. Many tongue-in-cheek moments bring a sense of humour to the game, but nothing groundbreaking. Think Rambo in VR; the game is reminiscent of classic gun games like Time Crisis and House of Dead but without the zombies.


The game consists of 6 levels, and there is a survival mode where you must survive an endless barrage of enemies. There is some variation, but the survival mode gives another non-stop action mode.


Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is an enjoyable game where simple gameplay brings non-stop action to the player. There is nothing wrong with channelling your inner Rambo and bringing down an evil gang whilst spraying bullets! The game has a pleasing cartoon art style reminiscent of the original but updated for the PS VR2. I like the cartoony graphic style set on a bright, wonderful Caribbean-like island. It’s a solid first-person VR experience. 

Overall: 7/10

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