Open Your Eyes to The Master’s Pupil

Open your eyes to The Master’s Pupil

The puzzle-adventure game set in the eye of Claude Monet is now available on Steam and Switch.

 July 28 2023 – After 7 years in the works, solo developer Pat Naoum is eager to announce that his puzzle adventure game The Master’s Pupil has finally arrived onto the Steam marketplace and Nintendo Switch Store, $14.99USD or similar.

Set in the eye of 19th century impressionist Claude Monet, The Master’s Pupil takes players on a journey over his iris towards the pupil! As they progress through the game, they will get to know more about the events that shaped Claude Monet’s life – like the loss of his wife Camille – and help the master complete some of his most popular paintings.

In tune with Monet’s own story of struggle, loss, and grief, The Master’s Pupil is also sure to test the player’s mind and spatial coordination. Throughout the experience, players will face over 80 increasingly harder puzzles involving colour, physics, and space – culminating in a battle that will decide the fate of the artist himself!

Superbly handcrafted, The Master’s Pupil puts the art front and center with its artisanal level of quality. Hand-painted scenarios, accompanied by a rich and dynamic soundscape, mix together in a biographical experience that uses gameplay, art, and sound – rather than words – to evoke key moments in Monet’s life. The game was widely praised for its innovative approach when it was awarded funding by Screen Australia and promises to be a genuinely unique interactive experience.

Over the last month, Naoum’s Instagram and TikTok posts have reached a cumulative 15 million views. Excitement and intrigue has been pouring in as followers hit 70 thousand on each platform.

Pat Naoum, the sole developer of the game said “It has been seven years since I first started working on The Master’s Pupil, so much has changed through my life, but working on this game has stayed the same. So it feels surreal to be finally letting it free into the world.”

 About The Master’s Pupil

The Master’s Pupil is a hand-painted puzzle game set inside Claude Monet’s eyeball. As they travel through the artist’s eye, players will get to know more about the impressionist’s life, rediscover some of his most famous paintings and fight to help him complete his greatest masterpieces.

Developed by solo-dev Pat Naoum, The Master’s Pupil has already seen recognition when it was awarded funding by Screen Australia. Featuring over 80 puzzles involving physics, color mixing, and timing and a completely word-less soundscape, the game promises to be a genuinely unique interactive experience.

  • Hand Painted and expertly crafted – almost every part of this game has been painstakingly made using a real paintbrush in real life before being imported to the world. The results are unique visuals reminiscent of Monet’s work and imbued with the personality of the developer.
  • Biographical Adventure – you will experience the life of Claude Monet in a way that has never been done before. Navigate intricate 3D locations, learn more about the painter’s life, and dive through a rich soundscape produced by indie composer Steven W Schouten.
  • Calm and Relaxed – An artist doesn’t rush but takes their time when completing their work. The Master’s Pupil gives you time to consider each puzzle, with tests that will challenge your brain but not your reflexes.

 About Pat Naoum

Pat Naoum grew up and lives in Sydney, Australia. After completing a BA in Visual Art, and the Australian Film Television and Radio School, Pat eventually found game development. With a seed of a game set inside a human eye, but having no real coding experience, Pat’s only choice was to begin ploughing through C# and Unity manuals.

After seven years making his first indie game, The Master’s Pupil is out now.

Pat Naoum Games and The Master’s Pupil is also now the recipient of the Screen Australia Games: Expansion Pack grant funding.

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