Omen of Sorrow – Character reveal – Quasimodo

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – May 25, 2018 – SOEDESCO and AOne Games unveiled a new character for fighting game Omen of Sorrow today, the ill-fated but astonishingly strong Quasimodo. Quasimodo is bound to guard the ”book of tears” with his deadly tricks. His hooks, wall jumps, and stage modifying powers will severely restrain his opponent’s options during combat.

As everyone tries to get a hold of the powerful artifact, Quasimodo won’t allow any entity, nor good or evil, to fulfill their desire for power. His promise to watch over the book is personal, and it was entrusted to him by the only person that cared or loved him.

More characters of Omen of Sorrow, from its cast of twelve gloomy characters inspired by dark European myths and legends, will be revealed over the summer, as well as the definitive release date. Gamers will have to stay tuned for more!  

Omen of Sorrow is a horror themed four-button fighting game that features 12 iconic and perfectly designed legendary creatures inspired by dark European myths, such as a vampire and a werewolf. The game offers stunning Unreal Engine 4-powered graphics. The battle system of Omen of Sorrow revolves strongly around player skill, ensuring a captivating experience for veterans and newcomers alike.


SOEDESCO is a worldwide publisher of both digital and boxed games on multiple platforms. Our portfolio includes third party titles like Wuppo, Owlboy, Tricky Towers, Among the Sleep and N.E.R.O. SOEDESCO also publishes their own IPs including Adam’s Venture and Real Farm.

More information about SOEDESCO and its products can be found on the company’s website, www.soedesco.com  or by following @SOEDESCO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About AOne Games
AOne Games (2015) is an experienced videogame development company based in Santiago, Chile. We are currently developing ”Omen of Sorrow”, a fighting videogame featuring characters inspired by classic horror. For more information, please visit www.aonegames.com/or follow us on Facebook


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