Oh My Godheads Debuts on December 5th

Oh My Godheads Debuts on December 5th

Square Enix Collective is pleased to announce its forthcoming slice of manic multiplayer action Oh My Godheads will make its debut on PS4, Xbox One and Steam on Tuesday 5th December, just in time for festive family battles!

Oh My Godheads makes use of a unique and intentionally frenzied ‘capture-the-head’ game mechanic to deliver edge-of-the-seat action that generates as many laughs in defeat as it does utter jubilation in victory.

Developed by Barcelona-based studio Titutitech with a focus on couch-based multiplayer, Oh My Godheads closely mirrors traditional capture-the-flag style gameplay, except the flag in question is actually an alive, angry, and ‘just a little bit out to get you’ head.

Players take each other on to capture the hectic heads and scurry them away to their team’s plinth, not only dealing with the ire of their opponents, but also the irritation of the cranium in their clutches.

“Trying to describe Oh My Godheads is no easy task, but I’m going to give it go,” said Federico Sauret, co-CEO of Titutitech. “For us, this is a game about recapturing that sense of fun so many couch based multiplayer games pulled off in the 1990s. What we’ve created is a fast paced game packed full of Godheads, each one sporting its own personality and unique abilities, and a whole host of exploding pies. Yes, exploding pies. It’s all a bit nuts, but we love it.”

om my godheads 2

It was the near-absurd nature of Oh My Godheads’ action that first attracted publisher Square Enix Collective.

“It’s fair to say Oh My Godheads doesn’t take itself too seriously,” said Phil Elliott, Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix Collective. “This is a game that stems from some of the most dedicated and creative indies we’ve come across, yet what they’ve delivered is pure mayhem and brilliantly infectious. It’s the kind of game that has the potential to dominate any day in the office…and ensure we get no work done whatsoever.”

Oh My Godheads launches on PS4, Xbox One and Steam on Tuesday 5th December.

What is Oh My Godheads?

  • Hilarious couch multiplayer for 1-4 players
  • Battling computer-controlled characters in single player mode
  • ‘Capture-the-head’ gameplay supercharges capture-the-flag with uniquely powered godheads
  • Multiple magical godheads – explosions, control-switching and more
  • Bright, colourful 3D environments in world-spanning locales
  • Ridiculous cast of characters to play
  • Swords, hats, monocles and airborne pastries


Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/522740

Website: ohmygodheads.com

Twitter: twitter.com/titutitech

Facebook: facebook.com/ohmygodheads



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