Off The Rack #129

Monday, March 4, 2019

I believe in Karma and try hard to live by that do unto others rule. While off loading our stock after another good Capital Trade Show at the Walkley Arena yesterday I noticed that we had left one very important piece of equipment behind. When I drove back to the arena to see if it was still there I found it where we left it by the back doors. Boy was I ever relieved. Sometimes good things happen to people who try to be good.



The Avant-Guards #2 – Carly Usdin (writer) Noah Hayes (art) Rebecca Nalty (colours) Ed Dukeshire (letters). I love this basketball book mostly because of the characters. Will Charlie join the team? Read this terrific little gem to find out.



Heroes in Crisis #6 – Tom King (writer) Clay Mann (art pages 1 & 20) Mitch Gerads (art pages 2 to 19) Mitch Gerads & Tomeu Morey (colours) Clayton Cowles (letters). Gnarrk, Wally West/Flash and Harley Quinn are featured in this issue that includes a beautiful poem by John Keats. Who says comic books don’t provide some literature?



Action Comics #1008 – Brian Michael Bendis (writer) Steve Epting (art) Brad Anderson (colours) Josh Reed (letters). Leviathan Rises part 2. I feel like the DCU is blowing up what with the all the secrets being revealed. We don’t know who or what Leviathan is but they are eliminating the good guys, if you consider A.R.G.U.S and the D.E.O. good guys. When Amanda Waller needs help things are dire.



Fantastic Four #7 –  Dan Slott (writer) Aaron Kuder & John Lucas (art) Marte Gracia with Rachelle Rosenberg (colours) VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters). The FF and good old superior Doc Doom fight Galactus. I love the old school melodramatic dialogue. The last panel doesn’t make a lot of sense but it made me clamour for more.



The Superior Spider-Man #3 – Christos Gage (writer) Mike Hawthorne (pencils) Wade von Grawbadger (inks) Jordie Bellaire (colours) VC’s Clayton Cowles (letters). Otto gets help from his ex Anna Marconi in his battle with Terrax. The fight leaves him vulnerable and what Anna does in the end surprised me. I like that she has an ace in the hole.



Invaders #2 – Chip Zdarsky (writer) Carlos Magno with Butch Guice (art) Alex Guimaraes (colours) VC’s Travis Lanham (letters). I don’t like the war monger that Namor is here. I know he’s going to lose and then what? I’m not sticking around to find out.



Captain Marvel: Braver & Mightier #1 – Jody Houser (writer) Simone Buonfantino (art) Erick Arciniega (colours) VC’s Travis Lanham (letters). The Captain Marvel movie hits theatres March 7 and this is a nice one shot to whet your appetite for it. Nothing too elaborate, just Carol fighting alien space ships being brave and mighty and then talking to a couple of cub reporters. You get the basics of her being the offspring of a Kree mother and human father (in the title page blurb) and that she’s a major in the USAF. There’s one page showing her various costume changes and that’s it. It’s a good primer for the super hero. I hope the movie does as well as Wonder Woman.



Savage Sword of Conan #2 – Gerry Conway (writer) Ron Garney (art) Richard Isanove (colours) VC’s Travis Lanham (letters). I like all the familiar elements of a classic Conan story. There’s the evil wizard, a hidden treasure and now a lovely and deadly lady to join the hunt. The next issue teaser got me excited because it looks like Conan meets the love of his life.



Shazam! #3 – Geoff Johns (writer) Dale Eaglesham, Marco Santucci & Mayo Naito (art) Mike Atiyeh (colours) Rob Leigh (letters). You just had to know that King Kid was going to turn out to be a bad guy and this issue confirms those suspicions. I hope we meet Mister Tawky Tawny next issue.



Daredevil #2 – Chip Zdarsky (writer) Marco Checchetto (art) Sunny Gho (colours) VC’s Clayton Cowles (letters). Know Fear part 2. Daredevil has been framed for murder. Can he prove it and find out who framed him? I’m sticking with this story to find out.



Avengers LGY #710: No Road Home #3 – Al Ewing, Jim Zub & Mark Waid (writers) Paco Medina (pencils) Juan Vlasco (inks) Jesus Aburtov (colours) VC’s Cory Petit (letters). If you don’t recognise the green guy on the cover (other than the Hulk), that’s Nightmare. All that surprising twisty stuff last issue? In your dreams pal. This issue’s surprise twist is very real though. What bugs me is that it has already been used in the regular Avengers book. Two storylines using the same plot device is boring.


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