Off The Rack #107

Monday, October 1, 2018

Surprise! I’m still kicking and writing. My announcement last week about off the rack possibly ending prompted Heather to tell me her plans for Comet Comics after the move to 1073 Bank Street which included asking if I wanted to continue to work for her. Do I like to go fishing? Of course I said yes. To all of you who sent me messages that you’re going to miss off the rack, I say thee nay, I get to read on and ramble on.


Catwoman #3 – Joelle Jones (writer) Joelle Jones (art pages 1-8, 14-22) Fernando Blanco (art pages 9-13) Laura Allred (colours pages 1-8, 14-22) John Kalisz (colours pages 9-13) Josh Reed (letters). My thanks to Amanda and Ryan for giving me permission to read their sub service copy, otherwise I would have missed this issue because it was sold out by the time I got back from vacation. Selina gets read the law of the land and you know how she feels about the letter of the law. This puts her in opposition to the family that runs her new home town but she’s one tough cookie and is able to complete her personal mission. I want to see how this family reunion goes.


Hey Kids! Comics! #2 – Howard Chaykin (writer & art) Wil Quintana (colours) Ken Bruzenak (letters). See if you can recognise Stan the Man and Jack the King in this thinly veiled history of comic books.


Old Man Hawkeye #9 – Ethan Sacks (writer) Marco Checchetto (art) Andres Mossa (colours) VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters). Eye for an Eye part 9. Bullseye finally catches up to Clint as Hawkeye is about to kill another old Thunderbolts member. Wounds are inflicted on both sides and someone earns redemption. The story continues next issue in the Great White North. I’ll be there eh.


Silencer #9 – Dan Abnett (writer) Patch Zircher (art) Mike Spicer (colours) Tom Napolitano (letters). Hell-iday Road part 2. Talia Al Ghul’s only loyal department head uses her magic to switch Silencer and Quietus’s bodies. Brain triumphs over brawn and Honor lives to fight another day. Her family is her main weakness and I hope somewhere along the way they are eliminated so we’ll see her really let loose.


Heroes in Crisis #1 – Tom King (writer) Clay Mann (art) Tomeu Morey (colours) Clayton Cowles (letters). I don’t keep up with much going on in the DCU so I don’t know if this is another Crisis on Infinite Earths deal where they try to clean up the universe a little, but there sure are a lot of dead super powered people in this first issue. I picked this off the rack to read because the art is sweet and it’s written by one of my favourite writers right now. We start off the 9-issue story with Harley Quinn fighting Booster Gold and I’m rooting for Harley to finally rid the DCU of the time travelling doofus. A place called Sanctuary is introduced that seems to be a place where super heroes can go to get psychoanalyzed. Maybe there’s a connection with Harley but it’s not made clear here. The big three, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman gather in Sanctuary and the mystery of why these dead super heroes are lying around all over the place is off to a flying start. This goes on to my “must read” list.


Marvel Two-In-One #10/LGY #110 – Chip Zdarsky (writer) Ramon K. Perez (art) Frederico Blee (colours) VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters). It’s not quite a full reunion of Marvel’s First Family but were getting closer as Ben and Johnny get their powers back to beat this world’s villainous Fantastic Four.


Stranger Things #1 – Jody Houser (writer) Stefano Martino (pencils) Keith Champagne (inks) Lauren Affe (colours) Nate Piekos (letters). Dark Horse Comics capitalizes on the popular Netflix show with this 4-issue mini following the adventures of Will Byers and his friends. I’ve never watched the show so I’m new to these characters and situation. The art is pretty good and the plight of young Will in another dimension is scary but nothing grabbed me here. I’m sure Stranger Things fans would be tickled to have their own comic book to collect.


Justice League Odyssey #1 – Joshua Williamson (writer) Stjepan Sejic (art) Deron Bennett (letters). As soon as I flipped open the cover and saw the art I wanted to read about this new team. Plus I love how Stjepan draws Kory/Starfire. I didn’t know who the big grey guy was but boy was I surprised to find out he’s Darkseid. The big bad villain sure has slimmed down a lot or else it’s Darkseid junior. Joining Starfire and Darkseid are Azrael, Cyborg and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. They will be fighting evil in the galaxy according to the cover blurb so aliens beware.


Amazing Spider-Man #6/LGY #807 – Nick Spencer (writer) Humberto Ramos (pencils) Victor Olazaba (inks) Edgar Delgado (colours) Steve Lieber (art pages 8-10) Rachelle Rosenberg (colours pages 8-10) VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters). A Trivial Pursuit part 1. I will pretend that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were never split in two during the last arc and catch you up with the present. Peter’s new roommate is the super villain Boomerang. Talk about keeping your enemies close. This issue takes place in The Bar With No Name, a super villain hangout, and it’s trivia night. The category is Spider-Man. Boomerang takes Peter to the bad guys bar and guess who wins? Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime and current Mayor of New York City is not happy with his lackey Boomerang. Got all that? Looks like the old Parker luck will be rearing its ugly head again. I didn’t like the jarring difference in art for the 3 pages where Spider-Man is spying on the Superior Foes of Spider-Man playing cards. It didn’t feel like part of the story.


Doomsday Clock #7 – Geoff Johns (writer) Gary Frank (art) Brad Anderson (colours) Rob Leigh (letters). The first page is super confusing as the narrator jumps back and forth in time but thankfully the second page carries on the story in a linear fashion and we finally see the appearance of Doctor Manhattan. There was a big deal made when Watchmen first hit the racks in 1986 about the full frontal nudity when Dave Gibbons drew the naked Doctor Manhattan and showed his penis. No problem penis this time because this issue was overshadowed by Batman: Damned where Lee Bermejo uncovered Bruce Wayne’s penis in that book. Nudity is so controversial in North America whereas in Europe people don’t get their knickers in a bunch over seeing so called private parts. I’m glad we’ve matured somewhat so that this comic book didn’t stir up a big conservative backlash too.


Domino Annual #1 – I’ve been enjoying the regular series and I recommend that you check out this $4.99 US anthology to see what fun Neena Thurman/Domino has. There are four short stories in this annual. All lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles.

“Dead Drunk in Dry Gulch” by Gail Simone (writer), Victor Ibanez (art) and Jay David Ramos (colours) tells the story of how Domino and Diamondback meet Outlaw.

“The Good Fight” by Fabian Nicieza (writer) Juan Gedeon (art) and Jesus Aburtov (colours) features Cable.

“Rebound” by Dennis Hopeless (writer) Leonard Kirk (art) and Jesus Aburtov (colours) shows the gloomy Colossus wallowing after what happened between him and Kitty at their wedding.

“Domino & The Rejex” by Leah Williams (writer) Natacha Bustos (art) and Jesus Aburtov (colours) looks in on a mutant support group that Neena and Nightcrawler put together.

These are bookended by “Saturdays Are For The Body Count” by Leah Williams (writer) Michael Shelfer (art) and Jesus Aburtov (colours).


Action Comics #1003 – Brian Michael Bendis (writer) Yanick Paquette (art) Nathan Fairbairn (colours) Josh Reed (letters). Invisible Mafia part 3. I missed Action Comics #1002 with Invisible Mafia part 2 while on vacation but I got the gist of what’s going on no problem. Batman helps out when a Daily Planet reporter gets her hands on some Green Kryptonite. I would like to see a World’s Finest comic book written by Brian Michael Bendis. We go to la la land with Lois Lane and Lex Luthor on the last page which made me wonder what’s going on there?


Extermination #3 – Ed Brisson (writer) Pepe Larraz (art) Marte Gracia (colours) VC’s Joe Sabino (letters). I’m getting a sense of where this story about the time displaced young X-Men is going. I think young Cable/Nathan is rescuing them from Ahab but we don’t know why. I really like young Jean hanging with Domino and her X-Factor team. I will read on to see if I’m right about what’s going to happen.


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