Off The Rack #47

Off The Rack #47

Monday, June 5, 2017

There was not the usual flood of books on the racks last week what with it being the fifth Wednesday of the month of May. I took the extra time to read a novel and go for a nice long walk on a day that threatened rain. I don’t like riding my bike in the rain. Chris and I had another fine Sunday at the Capital Trade Show in a different location out in the hallway of the arena. It afforded us more space to spread out and it was less congested so interested collectors could peruse our wares more comfortably.

Old Man Logan #24


Old Man Logan #24 – Jeff Lemire (writer) Eric Nguyen (art) Andres Mossa (colours) VC’s Cory Petit (letters). I liked how Jeff ended his run on this book leaving the new writer a clean slate to continue Logan’s story. I’ll see what Ed Brisson (writer) and Mike Deodato Jr. (art) have in store for the old man in a couple of weeks.


Wonder Woman Annual #1

Wonder Woman Annual #1 – It’s Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary and this annual celebrates what this iconic character stands for. The first story by Greg Rucka (writer) Nicola Scott (art) Romulo Fajardo Jr. (colours) Jodi Wynne (letters) shows the first meeting of DC’s triumvirate Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. I liked how Wonder Woman’s lasso was used and the casualness of the three super heroes. The second story by Vita Ayala (writer) Claire Roe (art) Jordie Bellaire (colours) Josh Reed (letters) shows how important justice is to Diana as she prevents the execution of a super villain. The third story by Michael Moreci (writer) Stephanie Hans (art & colours) Dave Sharpe (letters) shows Wonder Woman’s code of honour and sacrifice. The last story by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing (writers) David Lafuente (art) John Rauch (colours) Jodi Wynne (letters) shows us how not to be judgemental and what a big softie Diana is. All admirable traits that humanity strives for and is symbolic of such an iconic hero. The Wonder Woman movie hits theatres on June 2 and from all indications expectations are high and fans are excited.


Cable #1

Cable #1 – James Robinson (writer) Carlos Pacheco (pencils) Rafael Fonteriz (inks) Jesus Aburtov (colours) VC’s Cory Petit (letters). I am not a big fan of the character because one of his shticks is time traveling, but I was impressed with James’s writing on the Scarlet Witch and I like Carlos’s art, so I gave this a look-see. This story highlights Nate’s time traveling by starting out in the wild west of 1874 and ending in feudal Japan in 1543 while he chases some bad guy. The issue ends with Cable fighting the gang of Ronin and on the verge of being killed. That cliffhanger and the mystery of who the bad guy is will make me read the next issue.


Kill Or Be Killed #9 – Ed Brubaker (writer) Sean Phillips (art) Elizabeth Breitweiser (colours). Dylan’s next victim that he kills to keep the demon at bay serves himself up on a silver platter. It seems too good to be true and it is.


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7 – Kieron Gillen (writer) Andrea Broccardo (art) Antonio Fabela (colours) VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters). Part 3 of “The Screaming Citadel” shows us that it’s never a good idea to trust the bad doctor. I found Andrea’s zombie eyes to be very distracting.


Hulk #6

Hulk #6 – Mariko Tamaki (writer) Nico Leon (art) Matt Milla (colours) VC’s Cory Petit (letters). The first arc concludes like we knew it would. Jennifer needs to Hulk out to save herself and the other innocent people around her. I loved how Mariko took the time to get to the ultimate transformation. It gave us the opportunity to really get to know this new version of Jennifer Walters and that’s important for me to become a loyal fan. This book stays on my “must read” list.


Saga #43

Saga #43 – Brian K. Vaughn (writer) Fiona Staples (art & colours) Fonografiks (letters). I love to read and I have been reading a lot lately. I had a discussion recently with two very well read and respected friends about stuff I’ve read that is similar to other stuff I’ve read and both these friends said “there’s nothing much new under the sun these days”. That may be true but I can still be pleasantly surprised by what I read even now. The first page of this special 25 cent US issue made me go whoa. There will be a certain segment of society that will use this issue to start a bonfire I’m sure. I would buy up extra copies to give to all my open-minded friends who don’t read comic books to show them what an excellent comic book can be. I guarantee that you will see some new poop in this comic book that you have never seen before.







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