Off The Rack #46

Off The Rack #46

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Monday morning had some added chores that made me forget to post this week’s off the rack. Here it is.


The Archies One Shot

The Archies One Shot – Alex Segura & Matthew Rosenberg (writers) Joe Eisma (art) Matt Herms (colours) Jack Morelli (letters). These lyrics popped into my head after I finished reading this origin story.

Archie’s here…

Betty’s here and Veronica too.

Reggie’s here…

Hey Jughead, where are you?

Those words started the theme song for the Archies cartoon show which first aired in 1968. I was 13 years old. It’s remarkable that my brain retains this trivia. When I saw a mention of the TV show The Saint after Sir Roger Moore passed the signature notes to the theme song popped into my head unbidden. I hadn’t heard that music in years but there it was. This was an adequate story of how The Archies came together as a band. The only thing that I can’t swallow is Reggie being in it. The modern version of Reggie as a royal jerk would seem to make him playing in a band with Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead unbelievable.


Samaritan Veritas #1

Samaritan Veritas #1 – Matt Hawkins (writer) Atilio Rojo (art & colours) Troy Peteri (letters). This new book is part of the Edenverse which includes titles like Think Tank, Postal, The Tithe and Eden’s Fall. I didn’t read any of those but you don’t have to to get into this story about a computer hacker who wants to take down a nasty POTUS. I like Samantha and I don’t like the real current POTUS so this fantasy would be enjoyable for its premise alone. Atilio’s art is nice too so that’s a bonus.


Action Comics #980

Action Comics #980 – Dan Jurgens (writer) Patrick Zircher (art) Hi-Fi (colours) Rob Leigh (letters). You needn’t have read the first part of “Revenge” because the first three pages of part 2 introduces the Superman Revenge Squad and their motivations for killing Superman. The bad guys need one more member and this issue traps Superman when he tries to stop them. It’s a simple plot that’s been played out before but I hope there will be a surprise or two along the way.


Batman/The Shadow #2 – Scott Snyder & Steve Orlando (writers) Riley Rossmo (art) Ivan Plascencia (colours) Clem Robins (letters). The bad guy is clearly defined in this issue but it’s the conflict between the two crime fighters that is keeping me interested in this story. Batman who doesn’t kill and is absolutely anti-gun and The Shadow who doesn’t hesitate to kill with his two pistols. I like how The Shadow is the calm one.


Detective Comics #957

Detective Comics #957 – James Tynion IV & Christopher Sebela (writers) Carmen Carnero (pencils) Karl Story, Richard Friend & Carmen Carnero (inks) Javier Mena (colours) Sal Cipriano (letters). Spoiler alert. This issue is all Stephanie Brown, fighting crime her own way. There’s a guy at the end who we haven’t seen in a while and I don’t know whether Spoiler will accept this bad guy’s help. We’ll see.


Totally Awesome Hulk #19

Totally Awesome Hulk #19 – Greg Pak (writer) Robert Gill (art) Nolan Woodard (colours) VC’s Cory Petit (letters). Get ready for a crossover. This is the prelude to “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” the story that started in Weapon X. The killer cyborgs that attacked Domino, Old Man Logan and Sabretooth go after Amadeus so he joins them to track down who is sending them out to kill mutants. I like how this adds brains to the brawn.







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