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Available on iOS

o-o-o is a minimalist point strategy that is brilliantly simple to pick up and play but extremely difficult to master. Like any strategy game, the initial few hours will just help you; get a sense of what to do before you progress in your mastery of the game.

The game has a deeply rich; and colourful aesthetic, and the controls are super simple. You control several discs to line up coloured points to remove them from the screen; you do this until the screen; is overcome with points, and it’s game over! The more points you remove, the more you score.


You chain multiple lines if you are lucky enough. Powerups such as rewinds, rainbows, and bombs add other strategic elements to consider when playing; these help you eek an extra few points in that round. A rich soundtrack and sound effects do lift the game and add more depth. Like any game, there are a host of achievements to get while you get that highest score, and you can challenge your friends too.


Like any smartphone game, it’s intuitive, super fun and simple to pick up and play. You will spend countless hours trying to get the highest score and climb up the scoreboard. The simple nature hides an elegant game that is tough to master but super enjoyable!

Available on the iOS store for $1.99 USD / £1.79 GBP, no adverts and no in-app purchases too! It’s multi-lingual, supporting more than 20 languages.

Overall: 8/10

Check out o-o-o on the App Store:




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