Noahmund – Launch Trailer

The long-awaited JRPG from Estudio Ábrego is available on Steam.

After polishing some last-minute details, Noahmund is available at Steam from today.

Madrid (Spain), August 3rd, 2018: Noahmund, the new JRPG from Estudio Abrego, is being released today on Steam! Inspired by series such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, the looks of Noahmund, its node-based exploration system, its combat system, Motion Battle Chess, which combines real-time action with tactical role-playing games elements, and its soundtrack will take you to the world of Noahmund, a world that will amaze most JRPG fans.

Estudio Ábrego has also confirmed its release on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4, thanks to the Badland Publishing, which has not yet confirmed a date. In addition, thanks to Shinyuden LTC, it will also reach the Japanese market.

Also, the studio from Malaga takes the opportunity to highlight Noahmund’s presence at two of the most important video game fairs in the world: The game will be shown at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, and also at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, where they have been selected to participate through their partner Shinyuden.

From his humble beginnings with his prototype and Kickstarter project, Noahmund has won two awards at the Gamepolis festival in Malaga: “Best original audio and soundtrack”, and the special jury award, given by Gordon Walton himself, creator of sagas like The Sims. In addition, the project was accepted on the prestigious Square Enix Collective platform with a very positive result.

“The day has finally arrived: Noahmund will be available to everyone, from the first Malaga native to the last Japanese,” said Alejandro Domínguez, CEO of Estudio Ábrego: “We are very grateful for the support we have received during the development. We wouldn’t be here without you, our families, friends and developers who once wanted to see Noahmund on Steam.

Noahmund presented us with a lot of challenges during its development,” adds Alberto Jimenez, CTO, scriptwriter and designer of Estudio Ábrego. “However, we never lost sight of the objective. We knew that there were many people from all over the world reminding the evolution of this project, from its small prototype to what it is now, people who were eager to play the final version. This is for all of you”.


About Noahmund:

Love, fear, fire…. The war in Feros is just a dramatic picture that is drawn in the background of the fate of Galina Angstroud, a Shinn agent determined to fight against the most powerful weapon in Salaber’s army. With the company of her brave guardian, Berani Valenti, they begin a journey in search of truth and salvation.

Noahmund breaks down the barriers between the genres of role-playing video games and merges them into an innovative system based on a new mythology created entirely from scratch. As a result, the game features an innovative combat system, Motion Battle Chess. Imagine playing chess without turns of any kind, with magic, traps and enemies of all kinds. Use Galina’s Synchrony on allies and enemies, unleash powerful elemental skills with Stalos, or wipe them out with Berani’s guardian skills.

Main Features:

● Exploration system: From board to video game, explore Noahmund as if you were on a tabletop RPG and use the characters’ abilities to solve different puzzles.

● Motion Battle Chess: Enjoy the revolutionary combat system that combines tactical role-playing games techniques and real-time action.

● Equip yourself with Shatranj statuettes to expand your skills and unleash powerful techniques to defeat your enemies!

● New mythology: Dream of an emotional story accompanied by a vibrant soundtrack and a world wrapped in Japanese aesthetics.


Steam URL:
https://store.steampowered. com/app/752560/Noahmund/


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